We all kept a tight watch on the nuptials of British royalty Kate + Will back in 2011. Now it appears America has its own version of (fast food) royalty to keep an eye on. Yep, that’s right we’ve got the Burger-King vows to watch this July.

Joel Burger and Ashley King of New Berlin, Illinois are getting married on July 17 in Jacksonville, Ill. The couple who are fully aware of their uniquely fast food-oriented last name know how to play it up. Hey, they posed in front of a BK sign for their engagement shoot, they’re totally in on the joke. Here’s hoping their wedding plans include a ceremony + reception at the restaurant a la the Costco wedding.

The couple, who have known one another since kindergarten didn’t realize the potential of their catchy name combo until the fifth grade. (Did they never swing by the drive thru in their formative years?!) Ashley told The State Journal-Register that a motivational speaker at a school assembly coined their couple name and the rest is history. After their wedding announcement went viral, the fast food company caught wind of the BK couple to see if they were actually legit. They can’t go giving out Chicken Fries to anyone.

The fast food company tweeted about the wedding announcement and went out in search of Mr. Burger and Ms. King. After locating the Burger-Kings, a company spokesperson hopped on Skype to show ’em some pre-wedding love. During their conversation, Burger King let the Burger-Kings know that not only will they be gifting guests personalized Mason Jars, BK crowns and gift bags but they will also be paying for the wedding. Fingers crossed they will also be providing a buffet of combos at the reception, too. ;)

What would you want to see at the Burger-King wedding sponsored by Burger King? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Facebook)