There are certain things that are totally worth a splurge. An appointment at the hair salon with a professional colorist. A pair of jeans that fit just right. An international plane ticket to cure that case of wanderlust. But then, there are those more expensive purchases that are a bit harder to justify. A luxury candle is one item that definitely falls under that category. Do we want our studio apartment to smell like that spa we can’t afford? Yes, 100 percent. But can we justify spending $40 on said candle? Debatable. If you do decide to go for the splurge and want that aroma to last as long as possible, there’s a super easy hack you should know about.


Basically, when you burn candles for a short amount of time, it creates something called “candle tunneling.” WTF is candle tunneling? We’re so glad you asked. You know when you light a candle briefly and it only melts the wax in the middle, creating a soft hole around the wick and leaving all the edges unmelted? That’s candle tunneling.

If you create candle tunneling on the first burn, you may have just cut your candle’s life in half. Womp, womp. So how do you prevent such a tragedy? UK magazine LOOK has the answer. The publication writes, “The first time you burn your candle, ensure that the pool of liquid wax that forms is the exact same size as the top surface of the candle. That initial burn should take about an hour per inch diameter of candle. If your candle is three inches wide, this will probably take three hours. Four inches wide, four hours etc. From then on, your candle should burn evenly every time you light it.” Wow, mind blown. May your candle’s lives be long and odorous, people.

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(Photo via Voluspa)