Anyone who lives in a small space can agree that it’s tricky to create a well-designed home. But what if your home is a caravan? For the next stop on our Tiny Spaces series tour, we met with couple Chloe Barcelou and Brandon Batchelder at their cool New Hampshire digs — a cozy caravan built by the couple themselves — and it’s an impressive feat in small-space living. From their genius built-in pet home to their gold painted ceiling, their home is a trove of creative small-space ideas to learn from, even if your home isn’t on wheels. Ahead, see their small-space hacks, watch the video tour and tune in next Tuesday for a minimalist and family-friendly Brooklyn home you won’t want to miss.


1. Add cozy vibes with secondhand items and flea market finds. Chloe and Brandon built their home with mostly recycled items from their friends and fab flea market finds. The result: an uber-cool abode that is next-level amazing with pieces that carry lots of history and personality.


2. Let in natural light with curtainless windows. Two words: Windows. Everywhere. Chloe and Brandon designed their caravan home to be extra small while traveling, but with a roof they can hoist when parked (rad, right?). It features windows all around, bringing in tons of natural light. This brilliant hack opens up the space and is a reminder of just how effective it is to simply let the light in.


3. Draw eyes upward with crazy bold ceiling art. Make your ceiling the focal point. The creative couple made their space bright and quirky by gilding their ceiling with gold paint in a cool pattern. The handmade chandelier is another nice touch that embraces their unique style.


4. Utilize unused space in creative ways. Chloe and Brandon found a creative way to use every square foot of their tiny home, including tucked-away areas. The extra space under a step was transformed into a den for their pet bunny Cosmos.


5. Maximize space with a lofted bed. Adding a loft to your home can practically double your square footage. Raising the bed creates both a cozy sleeping area and opportunities for even more storage.


6. Create visual space with open shelving. To make the kitchen feel bigger, Chloe and Brandon added open shelves that utilize vertical space. Open shelving forces you to downsize your items to just the go-to staples and allows for even more visual real estate.


7. Find smart storage solutions. In tight quarters, smart storage solutions are a must. The couple added organized storage that visually recedes into the walls, creating a nice flow throughout the space. Chicken wire covers allow their items to be stored away securely (remember, this house moves!) but still easy to find.


8. Keep your color palette unified. Restraining your color palette to a few hues can create a visually larger space. If you’re craving a burst of color, vibrant artwork (or a bold painted ceiling) is a great way to give your abode a personality boost without sacrificing visual unity.


9. Free up space with built-in details. We’ve seen throughout Chloe and Brandon’s caravan home that every nook and cranny can serve a purpose. Built-in furniture, storage and even rabbit holes can seriously free up floor and counter space.


10. Get something custom-made for your home. The biggest takeaway from this tiny caravan? Investing in custom pieces rules. With limited space, furniture that is specially built for your home can make your abode feel cozier, roomier and pretty darn special.

Watch the full tour below and check out the rest of the series here.

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