Committing to a blind date should really be awarded with a medal. With all the social media platforms out there today, it’s even more impressive if you go into it without knowing where your date went to college and approximately how long it’s been since they broke up with their ex. Sounds like a dating horror story in the making. But Carly Rae Jepsen just shared a “blind date” she recently went on and it actually sounds kind of awesome… but that might be because it wasn’t with a human. It was with a book.

carly rae jepsen book

Carly shared this charming snap on Instagram along with the caption, “Had a blind date with a classic book tonight.” In the photo Carly appears to have picked up a book that has had its identity concealed. Instead of cover art and a title, Carly only knew this was a “unique love story,” “fun, moving and magical” and the winner of the 1982 Nobel Prize for Literature.

We’re SO into this idea. What a fun and creative way to be open to reading a great book you might overwise overlook. If you want to copy Carly’s tactic for your next read, we have two suggestions on how you can go about it.

1. Head over to and browse their selection of books. Similar to Carly’s book, all the novels are wrapped up and only offer a few key details of the story concealed underneath.

2. Host a blind book exchange! Ask each person to wrap up their book, jot down a few fun facts about it on the wrapping paper and then proceed to swap with a little bit of added mystery.

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(Photo via @carlyraejepsen and Michael Loccisano/Getty)