There are no buts about it; fathers will always have a special place in our hearts. Whether they’re cracking corny jokes in public (something we deal with much more casually now than we did in middle school) or doing their best to intimidate potential significant others, we’ll forever admire their quirks and appreciate their protective sides. We’ve already covered the movies you should watch and gifts you should wrap, but because Father’s Day only comes around once a year, we wanted to give you a few heartfelt gestures to help you show the big guy how much you care.

1. Create a Man Cave ($87): Whether it’s a permanent addition to the house or a one-day-only retreat, give Dad the space he’s always wanted. He’ll appreciate your trendy additions some day.

2. Help Him Learn a New Skill ($50): Does DIY run in the family? Because this beer making kit is probably even more fun when you open it up together and get brewing together.

3. Make a Photobook (from $15): Collect all your favorite memories in one place, then share them together on Father’s Day. Possibly along with a tissue.

4. Help Him Rediscover His Inner Child ($34): Neon slingshots and (mostly harmless) seed bomb balls sound like the perfect combination for a celebratory afternoon a la Dennis The Menace or Calvin and Hobbes.

5. Send Him Packing ($95): A full-fledged trip in his honor or simply the gear to prepare for one of his own? This canvas weekender is useful and cool. He might even call it “hip.”

6. Kick Back and Relax ($50): It doesn’t really matter who’s muddling — the point is that, sometimes, all dad really wants from Father’s Day is the chance to sit down and savor the moment with a good drink in hand.

7. Take Over the Grill ($29): While dad’s enjoying that nice, cold beverage, it’s your turn to tackle grilling responsibilities. Not quite the grilling expert? This book can help. It’s also great for dads who tend to make charcoal-flavored food.

8. …Or Make Dad the Grill Master ($40): Because this grill set is the best. The. Best. Just like Dad.

9. Show Off that Sense of Humor ($5): He helped you learn that, too. Corny jokes and all.

10. Just Say Thanks ($6): He’s great, and today is the day to make sure he knows it. Even if we kind of wish he’d drop those intimidation tactics.

How are you celebrating your dad this Father’s Day? Tell us your plans in the comments!