Editor’s Note: This piece came together with the help of Kate Puhala and Lisa Raphael.

As much as we like to pretend that every dad is the same — drinking beer, hitting golf balls, playing with power tools — turns out dads are kind of special snowflakes, each one different from the other. No matter if your dad likes to travel the world or could show GQ a thing or two when it comes to fashion, chances are, we’ve found the perfect gift for him.

The Sporty Dad, Just like Coach Taylor

Your dad has given you some serious pep talks over the years, now it’s time to give your sports lovin’ papa a gift that says, “No, YOU go get ’em, champ!”

1. FitBit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband ($100): Remember how proud you felt when you introduced your dad to texting (aww, he actually typed “OMG!)? Feel the same when you acquaint him to the wonderful world of wearable tech with a FitBit activity tracker. We’re pretty sure Dad’s gonna get giddy tracking his vitals, like steps, distance + calories burned.

2. Zepp Golf Sensor ($150): This iOS wearable should make your dad feel like king of the green: Just attach the square monitor sensor to any golf glove and get yer swing on. The Zepp Golf Sensor lets him see his swing in 3D from every angle on his iPhone or iPad and gives him instant feedback. Plus, he can share + compare his swing stats with his golf buds. Three cheers for friendly competition!

3. Band of Outsiders French Terry Hoodie ($250): Your dad already has every cap, tee and cozy branded with the logo of his favorite sports team, so gift him a piece of classic athletic apparel like a wear-everywhere hoodie.

4. GoPro HERO3+ ($399): Whether your dad’s still killing it on the tennis court, the broomball rink or even in his fishing boat, the latest GoPro camera will let him capture his most thrilling victories. The HERO3+ edition is the smallest + lightest version of the action cam to date, which makes it more mountable and wearable than ever.

5. Hitch-N-View ($80): No dad can call themselves a professional tailgater without a gadget as epic as the Hitch-N-View, the flat screen TV mount that attaches to your truck hitch. It’s a must-have parking lot luxury.

Clark Griswold, the World Adventurer and Pro Road Tripper

It’s time to thank your dad for making you and the fam stop at every giant ball of yarn the country has to offer. Get him a gift to make sure he’s all set for his next adventure!

1. 10 Deep Adana Popover ($158): For rainy days or chilly trips on the boat, this color block pull-over jacket would be a sportier alternative to that well-loved polar fleece. (Give it up, Dad!).

2. Explore Water Bottle ($42): While some dads geek out over gadgets, others care to indulge in the simpler things in life. This 25 oz stainless steel water bottle is just that: A no-fuss travel accessory that keeps cool things cool and hot things hot.

3. This Bag Is Not Yours Leather Bag Tag ($26): File under “Dad Jokes.” This LOL-worthy leather luggage tag is just as luxe as it is goofy.

4. Grid-It Accessory Organizer With Travel Pocket ($30): Be it for business trips, weekend getaways or just one heck of a commute, the Grid-It will help keep all of Dad’s cords and gadgets tucked away in one very portable place.

5. Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi ($7/Day): If your parents are planning a trip to Europe, hook dad up with the easiest way to roam without your data plan roaming. For just $7/day, Tep acts as your personal pocket-sized wifi hotspot, keeping important travel apps like Maps, Tripit + Airbnb accessible in a foreign land.

Kanye, A Dapper Dad With Mad Style

The only tools you’ll be picking up for your dandy of a Dad this holiday is a new MANicure set. Here are some other picks he might have on his wish list.

1. Brummel Hook Noir on Natural ($105): Upgrade dad from his Livestrong band with this super classy fish hook bracelet. It’s a dude-cessory even the manliest of dads should appreciate.

2. Rick Owens DRKSHDW Worker Jacket ($1,335): We know there are some way cool dads out there — think: Kanye level rockstardom — and they deserve to look like the A-list parents they are, so spoil dad with a denim jacket that’s tricked out with leather sleeves.

3. Dollar Shave Club Subscription ($1/month): Don’t let a grooming gift for Dad leave you scratching your head. Rather than risk it with a cedar-scented brick of soap (you thought it smelled nice!), delight your dad with a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club. Its members are mailed multiple cartridges for as little as $1 per month. Let the beard taming begin!

4. Cotton Watch Beanie ($62): Take a cue from the David Beckham school of dad style (we know Mom would totally approve of that angle) and buy your dad a cool ball cap alternative. These cotton caps are as stylish as they are cozy.

5. Monocle Issue ($12): After your dad puts down the sports section, let him spiff up on high-brow culture with a copy of the latest issue of Monocle. Covering global affairs + cultural trends, the lifestyle magazine is the perfect companion to a tumbler of scotch.

Homer Simpson, The One and Only

If your father’s dream day starts with a d’oh-nut and ends with a can of Duff’s, we have some drool-worthy presents perfect for him…

1. Greetabl Donut Delivery ($5): Your dad is basically Homer Simpson, true or false? True? Okay, then this is the stuff of dreams — a donut, delivered to his desk, in a cute little box with a note from you penned inside. For $5 a pop, we think you can send him at least 20 tiny boxes filled with 20 different donuts as an early Dad’s Day gift. National Donut Day basically doubles as his birthday.

2. AgLocal Meat Subscription ($85-$150): We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again. There’s hardly anything better than meat in a box. AgFarm is the fastest, healthiest, most sustainable and most consistent way to get the good stuff on your dad’s trusty grill.

3. Monogrammed Steak Branding + Carving Board ($70): Once he gets that box of meat, he’s going to want everyone to know that it was he who made such delectable steaks. Let him not so subtly spread the word with his own monogrammed brand, hand forged by a Texas cattle rancher.

4. Caffeinated Shaving Cream + Aftershave Moisturizer Set ($15): Your dad’s discerning taste can tell the difference between a bean from Kenya and one from Indonesia. A man of such caliber needs to slather himself in his obsession, literally. He’ll be looking young and robust thanks to the effects the antioxidants.

5. Quarterly Brew Club ($90): The Brooklyn Brew Shop wants your dad to toast every single season. That’s why they’ve developed The Quarterly Brew Club, where your old man (and you if he lets you in on the goods) can taste three of the newest seasonal brews no matter if it’s winter, spring, summer or fall.

6. Cleo Bottle Opener ($76): For the next level beer drinker, comes the next level bottle opener. Not only will your pops be able to crack into a cold one with style, but he’ll be the envy of his next backyard BBQ when he tells his pals that the thing was 3D printed, is covered in 24K gold and was gifted to him by his favorite offspring — you.

Philip Banks, aka Uncle Phil, aka He Lives in Beverly Hills

Oh yeah, we even have the dad who has (and can deeeefinitely afford) it all covered. And you owe him! No, like literally.

1. World Bicycle Relief ($135): Like any good Daddy Warbucks, your pops is an upstanding philanthropist. Show him that you’re following in his footsteps and donate a Buffalo bike in his name. Each bike fuels economic and cultural empowerment in rural Africa by helping locals move their goods in less time, which in turn keeps commerce chugging along… something your dad can surely appreciate.

2. Custom Monogram Slippers ($455): What do you get the man who has everything? A pair of ridiculously priced slippers, that’s what. We only wish that those limited-edition emoji slippers were still available. Because we know for certain that the man does not have #thesh*t loafers.

3. Bellroy Passport Sleeve ($100): Undoubtedly, he’s a jetsetter. And undoubtedly, he already has a passport sleeve. But seeing as he’s jumping planes like most of us are catching buses, that passport sleeve is worn out… plus, it’s nothing like this one. The Bellroy sleeve comes with quick access card slots for visas and tickets, plus a micro travel pen to fill out all those customs forms while sitting in first class.

4. Blackmagic Cinema Camera ($1,995): Was your dad big on taking the camcorder everywhere and capturing ever second of every family trip and every school play? Well, bring his love of making never-again-seen movies into the modern day with this serious filmmaker’s tool.

5. Martone Real White Bike ($899): If your dad is newly retired, take it from someone in the same position: He’s going to find a newfound love for biking. Send him down the road in style with this sleek looker.

6. The Runwell Chrono ($775): You might see this and say… duh, a watch is an obvious choice, but hold up. This watch is actually pretty, pretty, pretty rare. Shinola, based in Detroit, manufacturers the only existing line of American-made watches. So consider this one for the punctual and patriotic pops.

Mr. Mom, a la Michael Keaton

Men CAN have it all, and the pop in your life proves it! Whether he’s a new dad or raising his fifth (no sweat!), here are some must haves for this man.

1. Cacoon Hammock ($411): As much as he appreciates being able to hang with his little mini hims everyday, sometimes, the guy could use a break. The Cacoon goes way beyond the classic hammock by giving him a place to hide away from time to time.

2. DIY Balloon Art: Alright. The dude might be sick of doing arts and crafts with the kids, but that doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate a little gift of art from them… as long as he isn’t involved in the making of it. (via Brit + Co.)

3. Diaper Dude Diaper Bag ($98): He does all the cooking, cleaning and chasing after the kids. Reward him with a diaper bag that isn’t adorned with flowers or a jewel-toned paisley pattern. Diaper Dude makes a line of diaper bags specifically for men, so he can carry those baby necessities in style.

4. Blurb Small Square Photo Book ($13): Just like Mom, Dad likes to look back and remember the good times. Rather than letting all those images just sit on your computer or phone, put them front and center, so he can thumb through them while he’s drinking a brewski in his Cacoon Hammock.

5. Schmidt Brothers 15 Piece Knife Set ($400): He lovingly cooks the meals for the family day after day, night after night. Make his life easier by giving him a set of knives that will help him get the job done.

6. Teroforma Whiskey Stones ($19): After a full day of changing diapers, making nutritious meals and singing wee ones to sleep, sometimes all papa needs is a stiff drink. Whiskey stones to the rescue!

Mad Dad Scientist Rick Moranis

If you were legitimately worried that your father was going to shrink you down to ant-size after watching his spirit animal Rick Moranis do it on the big screen, here are some gifts to inspire (but contain) his creativity.

1. Quirky Gift Cards (starting at $10): If he’s never been on the site, this works in two ways: you’re fueling his passion for inventing and introducing him to a community of likeminded creators who might even fund his next big idea.

2. Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments ($12) + Maker Dad ($13) + Geek Dad ($11): Inspire pop’s projects with some DIY books just for him. And some for you and him.

3. Laboratory Shot Glasses ($20): Just make sure these don’t get mixed up with the ones in his real lab!

4. Virtual Keyboard ($119): You know how it is when your dad gets a great idea; he’s gotta jot it down. And obviously jotting something down for him = typing. Take his QWERTY game to the next level with this virtual keyboard. Bonus: it’s iOS and Android compatible (you know, for both of his phones).

5. LittleBits Space Kit ($189): Truth: he’s always wanted to be an astronaut, so let him live out his dreams with the littleBits Space Kit. This NASA collaboration is like his own secret space mission with the goods to make a Mars Rover and a satellite dish in a few easy snaps. You’ll just have to supply the Tang.

6. Lapka Personal Environmental Monitor ($249): We know, we know, your smart home was smart back when Nests were still just things birds lived in. This personal environment monitor hooks up to your phone to measure, collect and analyze all particles, ions and molecules in the environment around you. Your dad will freak.

7. 3DR Iris Drone ($750): Replace the drone your dad hacked together with your bro’s old remote controlled helicopter with the real deal. We know it’s a little pricey, but — hey! It ain’t cheap to be a nerd these days.

Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor/Your Dad

Ah, the only dad who will gladly accept a wrench in his plans. Just make sure this wrench is new and nifty.

1. Wrap-Around Extension Cord ($12): Didn’t think an extension cord could be this cool, did ya?! Wait ‘til you gift this one to Pops and watch his eyes light up with the possibilities. There’s going to be a ceiling fan in every room by July, we bet.

2. LifeHammer ($20): This tool could be a true, literal life saver when stashed in the car. In the case of an emergency, it could cut through your seat belt, break auto glass and act as a hammer. Who thinks tools are toys, NOW?!

3. Denim Shirt ($30) + Woven Wool Tie ($15): Your dad invented the Canadian Tux way before normcore was SHRN. Now, it’s time for him to upgrade his look. A chambray or denim shirt and a plaid flannel tie are familiar fabrics in his natural habitat, so you might just trick him into wearing something nice. See what we did there? We can hear him grunting his approval now.

4. Multi-Tool Utility iPhone Case ($45): Let him take his tools on the go, wherever he goes with this toolbox that masquerades as a phone case.

5. LazerBlade ($550): Dad, tool men are makers now, so it’s time to expand your craft with power tools that let you get a little artistic, too! LazerBlade is currently campaigning on Kickstarter as an affordable laser cutter and engraver, which will start to ship in the fall. Gift this with some wood, leather and other Dad-approved, laser cutter friendly material to get him pumped for its arrival.

6. Taktia Handheld CNC Router: This isn’t available just yet, so technically it’s next year’s Dad’s day gift, but we wanted to put it on your radar now. You’re welcome! We got a chance to use this at Maker Faire and think the computer augmented power tool will be on the tool man who has it all’s wish list when it’s available.

A Rock ‘n’ Roller Like Ozzy

Behind all the glitz ‘n’ glam, your music-lovin’ Pop-Pop is just a softie with a big sensitive side. Hope he’s ready to rock out with one of these hit gifts.

1. Guitar Pop Chart ($29): This little piece of art spans 75 years of guitar history and will look great in the garage where Dad jams with his bandmates.

2. littleBits Keytar Project Pack ($75): Shopping for a rocker with a little tech edge?! We know just the thing for him — this littleBits kit lets Dad make his own keytar, the only instrument he has yet to master.

3. Sharper Image Electronic Drum Set ($110): This sleek electro-drum set lets your dad bang on the skins without waking the neighbors. Just pair this gift with a nice set of noise-cancelling headphones and it’s a gift for everyone.

4. GuitDoorbell ($130): Oh, did you want the door to play a tune every time someone rings? ‘Cause you can make that happen. Thanks, SkyMall.

5. Two Mini Jamboxes ($130 each): Why two? Well, thanks to Jawbone’s latest upgrade, two portable mini speakers can give you surround sound for all of your jam sessions… and your Game of Thrones binging.

6. Velvet Blazer H&M ($40) + Jack Spade ($298): Hey, every rocker needs one. Whether budget or splurge, get your dad a posh velvet blazer that brings out his eyeliner.

What type of dad did you spawn from? Let us know what you’re getting him in the comments below.

(Dad images thanks to NY Daily News, Movie Pilot, Liberty Voice, Twitchy, Trend Wallpaper, Michael Keaton Central, Disney)