Y鈥檃ll. Celine Dion is back at it. Okay, she never actually stopped, but she is continuing her tour de force of DOING THE MOST ALWAYS and we couldn鈥檛 be happier about it. This week, Celine and Vogue blessed us with a video masterpiece that consists of Queen Celine modeling the latest couture off the Paris runways. There鈥檚 dancing, a little singing, tons of headpieces, and there鈥檚 even some gyrating with a pork pie hat (you鈥檒l see what we mean). And, as per usual, there鈥檚 LOTS of drama. Feast your eyes on this.

Have you caught your breath yet? Have the smelling salts kicked in? Good. You likely have as many questions as we do. Like how have we never thought to wear a garland of baby鈥檚 breath as a stole? (Cheap and lightweight!) What were those chefs thinking as she was sashaying around their kitchen in a sheer dress and what appears to be the belted bodice of a pea coat?

What did that poor mannequin head ever do to deserve Dion going all Walking Dead on its face? And is this how she regularly spends her time?

Is her life just one endless fashion montage punctuated by dramatic twirls and hip thrusts and yards of tulle? We鈥檙e not entirely sure it isn鈥檛. And, of course, we鈥檙e hoping that it is. Thanks again, Celine. Keep doing you.

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