We’re getting ready to celebrate all things Dad next weekend, and meal planning for Father’s Day celebrations is definitely front of mind. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Whether you’re BBQ-ing or putting together an elaborate sit-down feast, try starting things off with this fun twist on a classic charcuterie or antipasto platter using “dad-approved” ingredients like cured meats, cheeses and pickle-y things — but served up on a stick! It makes for a totally eye-catching appetizer that also happens to be a breeze to put together (chop and assemble, that’s it) and can be customized to include all of your man of the hour’s fave ingredients. Happy feasting!

Antipasto Kebabs 1

 — 1 or 2 cured meats like chorizo and prosciutto

— 1 or 2 cheeses like bocconcini or sharp cheddar

— a mix of pickles, pitted olives and marinated veggies (we used pepperoncinis, black and green olives and roasted red peppers)

— herbs or baby salad greens such as basil and arugula

— olive oil and balsamic vinegar (to serve)

— dijon or grainy mustard (to serve)

 — wood BBQ skewers

Antipasto Kebabs Ingredients


1. Prep your ingredients, cutting up the meat, cheese, veggies and pickles into smaller, easily stackable pieces.

2. Once all of your ingredients are prepped, you can start skewering them onto the wooden skewers, alternating between items so that you have a nice mix of flavors and colors. When you’ve completed all of your skewers, serve them on a platter alongside the balsamic, olive oil and mustard to dip and dress.

Antipasto Kebabs Step 1a

Cut up the meat, cheese and any veggies or pickles that need to be smaller so that they are easier to skewer.

Antipasto Kebabs Step 2

Once all of your ingredients are prepped, you can start assembling the skewers. Try to alternate the meat, cheese, pickles and veg as you go so you can get a nice arrangement of flavors and colors.

Antipasto Kebabs 2

So pretty and delicious!

Antipasto Kebabs 3

Serve the finished antipasto kebabs on a platter along with some balsamic vinegar, olive oil (or your favorite vinaigrette) and mustard to dip and dress as you munch away.

Antipasto Kebabs 4

Since these are so simple to make, get creative with the combo of ingredients you use and pick and choose whatever meats, cheese and pickles are a hit with your dad and the whole fam.

Antipasto Kebabs 5

You can eat these as is on the skewer or dismantle and eat along with some salad or crusty bread for a complete first course to your Father’s Day meal.

And if you’re looking for more Father’s Day celebration ideas, check out our Dad Is Rad board on Pinterest!