You’re no stranger to the panic that sets in when your smartphone, tablet or smart gadget’s battery falls in the dangerously low 5% territory. What’s even worse is when there’s nowhere to charge it because your roommate called dibs on charging first, or when there just aren’t enough ports for all the devices whose battery life you’ve spent playing Candy Crush. If you thought Apple’s March event rumors were all the buzz, think again! Keeping your home full of charging stations is the next big thing. There will be no more worrying about charging space, overheating or clutter from cords with the 12 life-changing charging hubs below.


1. MoKo – 6-Port High-speed USB 3.0 Hub ($140): If you’re an avid computer user, you know the #struggles of dealing with not enough USB ports, overheating and a snail-paced transmission speed. But with MoKo by your side, you won’t have to! You can now forget about any of those problems hindering you from getting your grind on. The sleek cylindrical design of MoKo keeps it looking fresh, while its impressive array of six ports (with seven built-in protection systems) provides functionality.


2. Satechi Type-C USB Hub ($40): You can now trade in your bulky USB hub for the sleek and chic Satechi USC hub. You won’t even be able to tell it’s there because of how seamlessly its modern design blends right in with your laptop. The do-it-all Type-C USB port includes three USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot and a Micro SD card slot, all meant to help you fuss less with large, unsightly chargers and focus more on work.


3. Duet (Pre-order for $89): Sure, intelligent gadgets like your iPhone and Apple Watch are designed to simplify your life. But what about the hassle of cords and outlet space that comes with each new device? Now you can bring the intelligence into charging your devices with the Duet. Its detachable design allows you to charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch together simultaneously or detach their docks and charge them separately.


4. Kikkerland Cloud USB Hub ($10): Who said tech can’t be a little fun? Upgrade your gadget collection to include this adorable cloud-shaped USB hub. This useful desktop tool features four USB 2.0 hi-speed ports and is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.


5. Skiva PowerFlow OctoFire USB 3.0 Hub ($150): In addition to being a wall charger with the most charging power out of all its competitors, the OctoFire hub uses 12 watts of power to rapidly charge your devices. Whether the devices you plug in are Apple or Android, the versatile charger comes with built-in overheat, overcharge, over-current and over-voltage protection so you can safely charge up to eight of those devices at once.


6. thingCHARGER ($40): You might be wondering what’s up with this gadget’s name. Here’s when it starts to make more sense: This versatile charger can literally charge anyTHING and everyTHING. It comes with two outlets on the front, USB outlets below and easy-to-change power tips that swap out depending on your device. The cool thing is if you get two or three thingChargers, then you can charge your tablet, Kindle, smartphone and various other appliances all at once from one outlet.


7. ChargeHub ($50): If you grew up with siblings, you’ll know exactly why this one-stop charger is a game changer. Use the ChargeHub to charge up to seven devices without compromising speed or starting arguments over who gets to charge their smartphone or tablet first. And forget about awkwardly fumbling around in the dark. The ChargeHub comes with blue LED lights, which act as handy night lights for plugging in your device in the dark.


8. Woodie ($120): Choose from marble, wood and concrete exteriors for the right look that fits in with your home aesthetic with this smart and chic power hub. Its refined compact design impressively provides wireless, AC sockets and fast USB charging all in one small unit.


9. Ventev Desktop Charging Hub ($70): The Ventev charging station allows you to charge up to three devices at once, which means no more bickering between your roommates about who gets to go first. It also comes with two surge-protected outlets and grounded LED lights for easy-to-see charging in the dark.


10. Double Charging Station for iPhone ($79): The walnut wood charging station isn’t just the perfect complementary decor to your modern-rustic home aesthetic. Its streamlined design also keeps your nightstand clutter-free by passing any cords through the inside of the box and out the back. Did we mention you can change two iPhones at once?


11. Hub It ($80): The customizable high-speed sync and charge station allows up to seven devices to charge at once. It comes with micro USB, Apple Dock 30 pin, Apple Lightning and a Mini USB. Plus, for added convenience, its customizable options include other cartridge connectors and accessories to best suit you and your smart gadgets.


12. iLexan Intelligent USB Charger Hub ($27): Not only are these colorful chargers an easy way to brighten up your workspace, but each of these babies can charge up to four USB devices. If your job demands frequent travel, you just found your smartest travel buddy. Aside from this hub charger’s compact design, it features a universal socket, which makes it an ideal travel abroad companion when work or vacay time calls.

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