This Nickelodeon-Inspired Wallpaper Is Perfect for the ’90s Lover
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This Nickelodeon-Inspired Wallpaper Is Perfect for the ’90s Lover

When it comes to decorating a rental, there are two things that make our hearts beat a little faster: temporary wallpaper and the ’90s. But until Lisa Frank comes out with a wallpaper, we’re swooning over the graphic patterns of Brooklyn-based illustrator Emma Darvick. The collection is a brand new collab with the removable wallpaper gurus Chasing Paper, and these totally rad designs will definitely inspire the ‘90s kid in you.

The four prints and pastel colors offer a bold punch that’s sure to remind you of the Saved by the Bell opening theme song. Or your entire scrunchie collection.

The graphic squiggles and sprinkle-inspired lines are reminiscent of ’90s Nickelodeon TV and middle school binder doodles. The best part? Chasing Paper’s removable wallpaper design makes it easy to indulge in your inner Kelly Kapowski and be noncommittal. It also prevents any messing up of walls in your apartment rental.

Selling at $35 a panel, this collection would be perfect for adding a burst of energy to your home office or for jazzing up a tiny guest bathroom. Bonus: It pairs particularly well with neon, so break out whatever furniture, books or accessories you can find, and let the temporary wallpaper make its way into your ’90s-lovin’ soul.

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(h/t Chasing Paper)