Stuck on how to upgrade your teeny tiny studio? Or have a huge loft apartment with lots of blank walls to fill? Whatever your floor plan might be, wall decor options can be pretty limited if you’re a renter. Enter the world of temporary wallpaper, a concept that you are about to be obsessed with.

You’ve probably seen decals here and there, which we also love (and feature on the reg!). But, there’s something about covering an entire wall that makes for a way more dramatic transformation. And guess what? It makes for an amazing video and photo backdrop as well! In fact, we used temporary wallpaper to set the stage in a few of our very own e-classes!

Here are a handful of wallpaper designs we love. But trust us, there are HUNDREDS to choose from!

1. Small Polka Dots: Chasing Paper has a gorgeous selection of graphic and geometric patterns to choose from. To set the scene for our sewing class, we wanted to choose something traditional with a modern edge. The gray and white color palette makes that happen perfectly.

2. Sunburst: Designed by Jessica Jones, this hybrid of floral patterns and geometry has a very vintage vibe. And it comes in a ton of different color ways so you can easily find one that complements your space.

3. Gold Leaf Peonies: This floral paper made an idyllic backdrop for our flower arranging class. Like the sunburst, the retro look of this lends itself to a sense of timelessness.

4. Custom Circuit Board Decal: Technically this is a decal… but it’s a decal that can cover your entire wall. We created it by uploading our own design to Shutterfly. This geeky wall served as the backdrop for Brit’s LED Electronics class!

5. Frozen Treats: Ice cream‘s on the brain here at Brit HQ, and this wallpaper is right up our alley.

6. Antlers: Not up for actual antlers on the wall? Go for these whimsical decals instead. We particularly love the minty option.

7. Simple Stripe: This Kate Spade-esque stripe made a fun graphic and girly backdrop for Lauren Essl, the esteemed teacher of our incredible calligraphy class. Hot pink apparel is definitely required when hanging out in front of a wall like this ;)

8. Muted Gray Tribal Chevron: This pattern-heavy option would make for a great accent wall in a workspace or powder room.

9. Gold Chevron: Last but certainly not least, a gilded wall! This served as the backdrop for Jesi Haack’s party planning and DIY-ing e-class, and set a super festive tone.

Now that you’ve seen some of our faves, here are three things to know when dealing with temporary wallpaper:

1. Different brands of temporary wallpaper require different application techniques. Remember to breathe (find your happy place) as you apply each strip. You will need a smooth hand flow from top to bottom. By the third or fourth sheet you’ll nail an application technique that works for you, we promise!

2. Enlist a friend to help you out, and definitely use a squeegee! It will help you get a smooth application top to bottom without bubbles.

3. It’s SUPER important to make sure that the first piece of paper or strip is applied as straight as humanly possible. The first sheet sets the tone for all the following sheets that will be aligned against it. And be prepared for small imperfections. You are most likely the only one who will notice these! :)

So, will you give temporary wallpaper a try? Which of the patterns above is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below.