You might think of cheese as an appetizer or snack, but actually, it has a looooong history of being used in desserts. Ending your dinner with a little cheese not only helps you further your goals of living like a French girl, but it also caps off your meal perfectly. Cheese is just rich enough to be indulgent all on its own, but when it’s added to Italian or French pastries and homemade pies, it really takes things up a notch. If you’re feeling like you deserve a treat (which, duh, you do!), tuck in with one of these 15 amazing cheese-based desserts.


1. Italian Lemon Olive Oil Cake With Berries, Mascarpone and Lemon Curd: Holy cats, this stuff looks amazing! And not only is it pretty, but it’s incredible tasty. It combines the classic olive oil cake recipe with tiramisu, making for a uniquely Italian treat dripping with mascarpone cheese. (via Caio Florentina)


2. Apple & Goat Cheese Cake: Goat cheese has a tart, tangy flavor that contrasts well with the sweet, warm flavors of apple. This recipe is ideal for cool fall evenings, and is delightful alongside a warm cup of spiced tea or coffee. (via The Cake Blog)


3. Rice Ricotta Easter Pie: Easter pies are a traditional Italian dessert, and are often made around, well, Easter. We think this delicious cake, made with creamy ricotta cheese, is perfect for any time of the year. (via She Loves Biscotti)


4. Classic Cheese Dessert Plate: Instead of making a fancy schmancy pastry or pie for dessert, why not just enjoy your cheese straight-up? You can create a dessert plate comprised of a bleu cheese, a hard cheese and a creamy cheese to serve with nuts, fruit and honey. PRO TIP: Brillat Savarin, Roquefort and aged Gouda are a delicious trio. (via The Kitchn)


5. Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake Bars: Love cheesecake? Us too. These convenient cheesecake bars are a little more transportable than regular cheesecake — and just as delicious. (via Cookies and Cups)


6. Matcha No-Bake Cheesecakes: Speaking of cheesecake, what if we told you that you could make a delicious cheesecake without even having to use the oven? These delicious treats only require two hours of chilling in the fridge before they’re ready to enjoy. As a bonus, they also contain healthy matcha. (via A Beautiful Mess)


7. Apple and Cream Cheese Cardamom Pies: Nothing is as perfect for fall as homemade apple pie, and these single-serve treats do just the trick. In addition to sweet apples, they’re topped with cream cheese and cardamom, making for the perfect autumn treat. (via Sippity Sup)


8. Milk Peda: You probably don’t immediately think of cheese in Indian cuisine, but this traditional peda recipe calls for ricotta cheese, among other ingredients. Peda is an Indian sweet often made with khoa (thickened whole milk), but this recipe is *slightly* more indulgent. (via Ruchi’s Kitchen)


9. Pumpkin Di Dama With Mascarpone Filling: Here’s another scrumptious Italian delicacy for you. This dessert is essentially comprised of mascarpone cheese sandwiched between two pumpkin cookies, creating a completely indulgent, gooey treat. For bonus points, sprinkle these babies with cocoa powder. (via An Italian in My Kitchen)


10. French Baked Brie With Figs, Walnuts and Pistachios: We’ve already established that the French love their cheese — and pretty much everyone loves their Brie. Few things are simpler than popping some Brie into the oven to warm. Top it off with nuts for the perfect pairing, and you definitely have a win-win situation. (via The Mediterranean Dish)


11. Apple Pie With a Cheddar Cheese Crust: Nothing is as American as apple pie — except maybe apple pie with a cheddar cheese crust. Making this crust is actually super simple. All you need to do is knead shredded cheddar in with the rest of your dough ingredients and you’re good to go. (via O&O Eats)


12. The True Red Velvet Cake With Goat Cheese Frosting: This healthier, arguably tastier version of red velvet cake is an absolute must-try. Instead of food coloring, why not use beet juice to give it that classic red color? And instead of cream cheese, why not substitute goat cheese? Nothing about this delicious dessert screams “diet,” but it’s undeniably fresher and healthier than most alternatives. (via Dulce Delight)


13. Strawberry Shortcake Bars: Strawberry shortcake is a retro dessert that’s made a big comeback in recent years, and for GOOD reason. It’s tart yet sweet on the inside with a light crunch on the outside, as evidenced by these delicious bars. (via Bakers Royale)


14. Pear Mascarpone Cake: If you like desserts that are light and refreshing, but not super sweet, this may be the perfect cake for you. Pair this fluffy, cheesy cake with a hot cup of tea for a perfect post-dinner treat or afternoon snack. (via Pretty Plain Janes)


15. Baked Ricotta Blintzes With Fresh Cherry Sauce: Blintzes are often eaten as a breakfast food, but they also make for a perfectly sweet dessert. The blintz is a central European dish that’s often stuffed with fruits and cheeses and served in similar fashion to pancakes or crepes. These particular blintzes boast creamy ricotta cheese and tart cherry sauce sweetened with sugar. (via The Kitchn)

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