We’re obsessed with Chelsea boots and need a pair for fall. We’re talking about the cute, ankle-hitting booties that are super easy to slip on and off thanks to their fab elastic side panel. The best part? There are tons of variations of this quintessential kick — from heels and flats to formal and casual. Need proof that this spectacular boot exists in droves? Take a peek at fall’s most popular shoe for yourself.

1. Back to Basics ($140): A little western influence does a boot good! Here, baby wooden heels and light brown leather remind us that that’s all we need to rock with our jeans this fall.

2. Chunky and Cute ($78): This all-black shoe featuring platform heels and leather is a look made in rock and roll heaven.

3. Sporty Chic ($629): Who knew all our favorite fall boot colors (we’re looking at you blue suede, black leather and metallic) could combine into one sporty chic kick?

4. Gold Studded ($498): This dressed-up version of the Chelsea boot is so chic, and can be dressed up with a skirt or down with jeans. Love it.

5. Blue Suede Shoes ($107): There’s nothing we love more than blue suede shoes — except blue suede Chelsea boots. And can we just say that those grey socks make this look even better?

6. What a Stud ($353): What’s comfier than ballet flats? These studly boots that are half flats, half Chelsea boot and will cover up ankles on a chilly night.

7. Wear Brown on the Town ($35): Classic is the one word we’d use to describe these fall must-haves. We can envision ’em right now on our annual trip to the apple farm.

8. Heel of Steel ($76): Add a little glamour — or, if you prefer, tough girl swag — to your booties with a metal-plated heel.

9. Red Done Right ($82): These sky-high heels in maroon and black are the perfect statement piece for a weekend night out on the town.

10. Cute Cutouts ($139): There’s something about these light brown and slightly rounded boots that are super feminine — but in a tough girl kind of way.

11. Pattern Fun ($75): Mix up the classic black boot with an in-your-face black-and-white patterned elastic side panel. Reserved in the front, party on the side.

12. Leopard Love ($348): There’s no other way we’d rather dress up a plain outfit than with this leopard high heel. Plus, animal print.

13. Gorgeous in Grey ($295): Let us tell you why we love grey boots: They’re super versatile without being boring. And they help your feet stand out when you’re wearing black tights. Cute!

14. Baby Blues ($65): This deep blue bootie is so dreamy. We’d rock ’em with dark washed jeans or black cigarette pants during a power lunch.

15. Metallic Love ($140): The metallic sheen of this boot ventures into an area of glitz, while the dark hue keeps them totally wearable for every day.

16. Back in Black ($90): We especially love the peek-a-boo style of the elastic side panel, making it easy to slip on (per usual with the Chelsea boot), but in a somewhat more hidden fashion.

17. Seeing Red ($170): Is it just us or is this a little USA-inspired fab? The red side panel, deep navy leather and gold accents are like flags for your feet — in a good way!

Ready, set, shop. No, really: Tell us what pair you liked the most and consider your fall must-have.