Summer brings a lot of things with it, from sweltering heat to full-on sunshine, but our favorite thing it brings is fresh cherries. Yup, we love some good cherries. Like lots of other fruit, they’re versatile and can be put in almost any recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. But, if you know us, then you know we’re focusing on dessert. Check out these 15 cherry-filled desserts that are sure to leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

1. Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Float: This float is the perfect way to cool off after a hot day in the summer sun. (via Creme de la Crumb)

2. Cherry Brownies With Goat Cheese: Newsflash: chocolate and goat cheese taste really good together. We’re sold. (via Pass the Cocoa)

3. Cherry Almond Muffins: These can work for breakfast or dessert… or both! (via Chez Catey Lou)

4. Mini Cherry Pies: Mini anythings are great for BBQs or backyard parties. No need for a pie server or silverware! (via Italicana Kitchen)

5. Cherry Coffee Cake With Cinnamon Streusel: Another sweet treat that could easily be deemed breakfast or dessert. We like. (via Dave Bakes)

6. Lemon Cherry Sorbet: No worries if you don’t have a zester or perfectly sized serving bowls, but man the presentation does look good because of those. Yum! (via Urban Bakes)

7. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Pop Tarts: We’ve been crazy for Pop Tarts since the days we used to eat them out of the cardboard box, but we’re sure that making them from scratch is much healthier and probably more fun, too. (via Gringalicious)

8. Velvety Vegan Cherry Yogurt Pie: A slice of this heavenly dessert will leave you feeling all ooey gooey inside, in the best way possible. (via Clean Wellness)

9. Cherry Chip Cupcakes With Bourbon Vanilla Frosting: Cupcakes? Bourbon? Frosting? Oh baby, these cupcakes don’t stand a chance once they’re put together. (via Baking a Moment)

10. Cherry Almond Cookies: Aren’t these just the cutest little cookies you’ve ever laid eyes on? (via On a Sweet Sugar Rush)

11. Cherry Donuts: Any flavor of donut is fine by us. We just loooove donuts. (via Forbidden Rice Blog)

12. Chocolate Cherry Zucchini Muffins: If you haven’t tried zucchini bread or muffins, you need to now. They’ll change your life, especially when mixed with chocolate and cherries! (via Food + Whine)

13. Cherry Lamingtons: Who in the world has ever heard of a lamington? Not us, but if it really involves a spongey cherry cake tossed in coconut, we’re down. (via Cygnet Kitchen)

14. Cherry-Plum Pie Pops: You can never go wrong with pie pops. (via My Daily Morsel)

15. Cherry Lemonade Cupcakes: Mix your favorite summer fruit with your favorite summer drink to get these adorably delicious cupcakes that are almost too cute to eat (don’t worry, we’ll still eat them). (via Freutcake)

Which of these cherry-filled desserts are you craving? Tell us which recipe you’re planning to try in the comments below!