It’s getting hot in here! As the summer months wind on, we’re constantly on the lookout for things to keep us cool. And by us, we mean ourselves, our drinks, and our children (human or otherwise). These 20 gadgets are the best of the best from around the web for surviving the hot weather of summer.

1. The Evaporative Cooling Cap ($25): We know it’s hot, but keep your hat on! No, really, keep your hat on: it’ll cool you off. Submerge the hat in cool water and then put it on before you leave the house on a hot day. The water will vaporize over 5-10 hours, cooling you off all day long. The distinctive inner liner makes it a big upgrade over just dunking a traditional baseball cap, retaining the water so it doesn’t all evaporate right away. (Although we do think dunking a regular old baseball cap is a good hack in a pinch!)

2. Cool Mist Umbrella ($140): Backyard BBQs are a summer must and most of us have invested in an umbrella to protect us and our guests from the sun. What if that umbrella could keep you a little cooler? This gadget from Hammacher Schlemmer does just that by providing you with a refreshing mist.

3. Bed Fan ($100): There is nothing less relaxing than trying to go to bed in a room that feels like a sauna. Sure, you could just get a big fan for your bedroom, but it’s not exactly the most efficient given that you’ll be stationary all night. The Bed Fan from Brookstone keeps you cool while you’re sleeping — ensuring that you can actually, you know, sleep!

4. Chillow Pillow ($28): On top of the name being awesome, this pillow is basically the high-tech version of turning your pillow to the cold side, without having to actually turn it over every 20 minutes. Score!

5. Climaware (Price varies): This activewear brand is designed to regulate your body temperature while you’re up and about.

6. Jockey Staycool (Price varies): Cooling… underwear? This is another body temperature regulation system, this time for your underthings, including T-shirts and tanks. Sounds… refreshing? (Oh and Tim Tebow is their spokesmodel, so there’s that.)

7. Misting Fan ($250): Sometimes a fan just isn’t enough. This one adds a little bit of mist to the fanning action to really keep you chill.

8. SummerSeat Self-Cooling Cushion ($65): Road trips = our jam. Burning hot seats? Not so much. This cushion will help cool you off. We can’t promise it’ll do anything about the heat that comes with road rage though.

9. iPhone Fan ($10): Portable fans are a great way to not overheat at summer music festivals. But forgetting to bring batteries can totally derail your plans. This one gets its power from your iPhone, so as long as you’re charged up, you’re good to go.

10. Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller ($30 for 2): There’s nothing worse than warm beer. We highly recommend grabbing a couple of these for your next tailgate.

11. Double Walled Iced Tea Glasses ($17 for 2): Iced tea on a patio is the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. These glasses will present condensation and keep the cold in, so you don’t freeze your hand while cooling off with a glass.

12. Reusable Ice Balls ($20 for set of 6): Chilled white wine is great. Having to add an ice cube because you forgot to put the bottle in the fridge is not so great. These ice balls allow you to chill your wine without adding an ice cube and having to water down your beverage.

13. Cardboard Cooler Boxes ($15): If you’re throwing a picnic or just chilling in a park, it’s nice to have a cooler. But if it’s something you do rarely, you might not want to invest in a full-on cooler that will just sit in your garage unused most of the year. These eco-friendly cooler boxes cut down on waste while keeping your beverages and food cold.

14. Magnetic Can Cozy Cooler ($15): Keep your drink cold while mowing the lawn. This magnetic cozy will prevent your drink from spilling on any metal surface while keeping it chilled.

15. Cooler Backpack ($30): Hey, coolers are heavy! Now you can cut down on the things you have to carry by keeping your perishables and drinks on your back.

16. Radio Cooler ($50): Rock out when it’s hot out! This cooler with built-in speakers is a must for your next pool party.

17. Chill Puck ($8): Originally funded on Kickstarter, this puck is like an individual ice pack molded to your can. It will help chill your beverage while you’re drinking, keeping it cool to the last sip.

18. USB Cooler ($20): This might be the miniest mini fridge ever. It can keep a single soda cold while you sit at your desk, just by being plugged into your USB. It can also warm up beverages, so keep it around for winter.

19. DreamBaby Stroller Fan ($10): This fan is specially designed to fit onto a stroller, so you can take long walks in the park with your little one. without worrying too much about the temperature.

20. Ruffwear Cooling Vest ($50): Don’t let Fido suffer in the heat! This vest will make him look snazzy while protecting him from the hot weather.


Air-conditioned shoes: These might be a little too out-there, even for us. These filter air to your feet so they’re cool in the heat. While we’re guessing they might cut down on the sweat (and thus the smell), we’re going to stick with sandals for now.

How do you beat the heat? Which of these gadgets would you use? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Facebook.