Sad news. Children’s author Amy Krouse Rosenthal passed away this morning, March 13, after her battle with ovarian cancer. The writer — who was well known for more than 30 books — revealed her diagnosis just 10 days ago in her touching piece, You May Want to Marry My Husband. Now, the world is saying goodbye to a beloved wife, mother, and adored author.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Just 51 years old and the mother to three children, Rosenthal was known not only for her memoir, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, as well as the film project The Beckoning of Lovely, but also for her inspiring TED Talks and picture books, which were beloved by fans of all ages.

Bruce Handy reviewed her work for the New York Times, saying, “Her books radiate fun the way tulips radiate spring: They are elegant and spirit-lifting. Among her gifts is an ability to take what in other hands could have been a thin premise — a piglet who hates being messy, in the case of Little Oink; a young spoon who wishes he was a fork or a knife or chopsticks, in Spoon — and wring all kinds of sly, nifty variations out of it. … Better yet, her jokes sing with specificity and an understanding of children.”

Rest in peace, and thank you for your talent, your elegance, and your understanding, Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

(h/t Bustle; photo via Amy Krouse Rosenthal/Facebook)