You know those nights when you want nothing more than to curl up on the couch and stay put? We’re about to have a lot of those with winter fast approaching, and if you ask us, chilly nights in call for new projects (and apple cider). If you find yourself itching for something to do that doesn’t involve braving the cold, embrace a DIY. We’re sharing nine DIY kits and online classes that’ll stave off cabin fever.

1. Cheese Board Kit ($50): This kit starts with your imagination and ends with a customized cheese board, complete with the smell of a wood-burning fire.

2. Calligraphy Wall Art Kit ($50): Crank up your calligraphy skills with our Calligraphy 101 e-class. Tonight’s homework is a framable, custom wall hanging. Just think of what else you can do with these skills, from designing stationery to making your own party invites.

3. Lil’ Hold Tight Knit Clutch ($49): A winter knitting project that isn’t a scarf? We know, crazy. When you’re finished, this little knit clutch will carry your essentials in style, giving you a little incentive to get out.

4. Geometric Jewelry Kit ($35): Just because it’s winter break doesn’t mean a break from geometry class! There are so many jewelry possibilities with this one kit, and for $35, you’ll get TWO necklaces, a bracelet AND a pair of earrings (and you’ll have bragging rights on all of them!). Check the tutorial here.

5. Rent the Runway Cocktail Party Kit ($32): Don’t just sit there — it’s cocktail party season! Round up your #squad and get everyone to decorate a cocktail glass, then let the partying ensue.

6. DIY Ukulele Kit ($40): Assembling your own instrument is easier than you think. Paint or stain it however you please, and then comes the best part: drowning out your winter blues with island sounds.

7. Dip-Dyed Wall Hanging Kit ($24): If you’re feeling a little caged up, perhaps you just need to reconsider your wall space. Think of them as a canvas for things like this DIY dip-dye wall hanging, and those winter blues will be long gone. Check out the tutorial here.

8. Travel Jewelry Organizer Kit ($39): This DIY jewelry organizer makes it that much easier to pack up and go somewhere warmer. Take a peek at the tutorial, and you’ll see that the process works a lot like book binding, making for a sleek case cleverly disguised as a notebook.

9. Make Your Own Lotion Kit ($40): Maybe you’re feeling the effects of the cold weather on your skin. In just an hour, you can take charge, all while doing some hands-on home crafting. All the ingredients are pre-measured and easy to combine.

Which of these DIYs will you start first? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!