In today’s world, you can afford to have very specific likes. If you’re really into dating farmers, there’s a website dedicated to that. If you want to only work out at a gym that feels like an arcade, there’s a place that combines both those things. And if you want to dine on a meal comprised solely of chips and dip, well, now you can do that too. Allow us to introduce you to London’s trendiest new restaurant HipChips.

According to the Evening Standard, the novelty establishment’s menu will offer up a variety of gourmet chips made from different varieties of potatoes. They’ll be served on a conveyor belt — sushi style. To accompany the crunch, you can choose from a handful of specialty dips, some of which include: baba ghanoush, katsu curry, Moroccan yoghurt and pickled onion fondue.

Oh, and if you need a little something for dessert after that very balanced meal, try one of their “pudding chips” (pudding is the UK’s word for dessert). For this, potatoes will be coated in cinnamon and sugar and served with dips like rhubarb and custard or salted caramel. Yes. Down. We’ll take three orders, please.

The newspaper reports that a small box of chips and two dips will cost $5.50. A medium box and three dips will cost $8.25. And the party size box and six dips will set you back $14. It’s definitely more than the $1 bag you’re probably guilty of ordering from the vending machine, but TBH, that’s not really deterring us from making a reservation at all.

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