Chirps, not chips, are apparently the snack of the future. Chirps are in fact chips, but they’re not made of potatoes or chickpeas — they’re not made of any vegetables at all. Instead, Chirps (made by Six Foods) are made of beans, rice and… wait for it… cricket flour.

Cricket flour is just what it sounds like: Milled up crickets into a fine powder. But before you freak out about voluntarily eating an insect (like we did), let’s discuss the benefits of crickets. They’re wayyy more sustainable than any other protein as far as the water and feed needed to produce the “meat,” not to mention opting for crickets over cows will cut back on animal cruelty and greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, 80 percent of the globe is already eating these protein-packed insects, so we’re seriously lagging in the cricket-eating department.

Chirps are also super nutritious (thanks to the crickets, of course). One serving of Chirps has more protein than an egg and half the fat of regular potato chips. They’re gluten-free, all-natural, sustainable and baked — which also means they’re also guilt-free. Woot!

Chirps come in three delicious flavors: Sea Salt, Aged Cheddar and Hickory BBQ. Six Foods is letting customers pre-order a sampler pack, which includes one bag of each flavor for $16 and will arrive straight to your door in October.

Will you be serving to Chirps and salsa on taco night? Let us know your cricket-eating thoughts in the comments below!

(h/t: Springwise)