A new Sunday morning trend is sweeping the nation, and we’re not sad about it. The trend? Chocolate cake… FOR BRUNCH. There’s absolutely zero guilt to be found here, just some extremely satisfied brunch-goers savoring a decadent, chocolatey brunch treat. Let’s be real: So many of those super-sweet pancake recipes are *just* as desserty as chocolate cake, whether they come in the form of pancake muffins or cinnamon rolls. So take some inspiration from what brunchers around the nation are enjoying these days.

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1. Edible Flowers Egg-Less Chocolate Cake: This completely egg-free cake is the stuff of brunch DREAMS. It’s topped with gooey chocolate frosting and pretty edible flowers, making it just as pretty to look at as it is yummy to eat.

2. Chocolate Lovers’ Brunch Spread: A frothy cappuccino is the perfect complement to any kind of pastry, and chocolate cake is no exception. This spread features both, with the cake served alongside a strawberry glaze, powdered sugar and fresh fruit.

3. Cake ‘n’ Cream: This classic combination of chocolate cake and pillowy white cream is the perfect way to kick off any weekend morning. The crispy chocolate wafer gives you something a little crunchy to nom on too, rounding out this exquisite brunch treat.

4. Frostingless Cake: There are basically two kinds of people in this world: Those who absolutely ADORE frosting, and those who scrape it off their cakes. If you fall into the second group, there are plenty of cake-for-brunch options that are right up your alley. Take this frosting-free beauty, for example.

5. Sweet As a Rose: If, however, you love a good, THICK frosting, there’s no reason to turn it down at brunch time! This cake’s beautiful floral frosting pattern takes the cake (see what we did there?) for prettiest brunch design EVER.

6. Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake: When it comes to chocolate cake, there’s an option out there for everyone. If you’re vegan, this frothy, creamy, whipped chocolate mousse cake will satisfy your cravings. It’s also topped with fresh blueberries, so you can truly say this is a well-rounded brunch meal (which should appeal to your health-conscious sensibilities).

7. Chocolate and Pear: Turns out, fresh pears are the perfect complement to chocolate cake. This particular combo also features a nut-and-chocolate-chip topping, giving some added crunch and texture to this lovely brunch option.

8. Still Life: Speaking of pears, this super-pretty creation features flowers and fruit, all the components of a beautiful still-life painting. Be warned, though, it won’t look that way for very long — it may look too pretty to eat, but we all know there’s no such thing.

9. Designer Cake: This chocolate cake is piped with gold baubles and topped with an array of fresh flowers. Hues of orange, pink and purple dot the rich brown-and-gold cake, giving it an elegant, high-fashion look.

10. Chocolate Drizzle: How would you like to start your day wth this ooey, gooey, chocolatey treat? This individually portioned slice is drizzled with warm melted chocolate, making for a super-decadent brunch option.

11. Layer Cake: This cake includes two layers of chocolate goodness, with whipped, creamy chocolate mousse sandwiched in between. It’s baked to perfection, creating a melt-in-your mouth texture. We’d recommend pairing this with some fresh strawberries and a cup of espresso.

12. Chocolate Brownies: If you’re not quite ready to delve into a full slice of cake at brunch time, you could always opt to nom on some delicious brownies. They’re perfectly proportioned, giving you just a taste of the chocolatey indulgence that’s sweeping the nation. Brownies are basically just tiny servings of chocolate cake, after all.

13. Full Circle: Grab a slice, share a slice. Brunching with your besties is the perfect occasion for chocolate cake, as everyone can have a piece of the pie. Er, cake.

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