Calling all cat lovers and Karl Lagerfeld fans. What would it be like if the white-ponytail-bedecked fashion designer and a cat somehow came together to create a whole new fashion collection? You might think that it makes no sense at all, but actually it makes purrrrfect sense.

Chanel’s maestro Karl Lagerfeld will release his new collection on November 1st. And the muse for his line? The world’s most famous celeb cat and Lagerfeld’s feline friend, Choupette, will be in the spotlight of his upcoming capsule collection “Monster Choupette.” Choupette, who has 42K Twitter followers and 26K Instagram followers, continually inspires her owner, being the subject of a book and an entire Chanel collection. This time, she landed another huge modeling gig for her daddy’s own fashion label, Karl Lagerfeld.

This exciting Karl × Choupette collection will be nothing like the standard handbags and accessories lines you see everywhere in department stores. Although real Choupette seems to be the cutest lovey-dovey Birman, the upcoming collection is all about the “monster” inside of Choupette. Lagerfeld has designed bags, coin purses, shoes, socks and even some T-shirts and sweaters, all of which feature cartoon versions of her menacing side.

We predict that Choupette garb will dominate holiday shopping this year. Other exciting things happening in the fashionable feline’s life? Makeup brand Shu Uemura has created a line called “Shupette,” which includes skincare and makeup products. Shupette will hit shelves on November 1st as well.

Better watch out, Cara and Gisele. There’s a new fashion inspiration clawing her way to the top… and she really did wake up like this.

What do you think about Choupette being the muse for the upcoming Lagerfeld collection? Will it be on your Christmas wish list? Tell us your comments below!

(h/t Vogue UK and Fashionista)