Chrissy Teigen is not like a regular mom 鈥 she鈥檚 a cool mom. From day one, the model made it clear she was not here for society鈥檚 parenting rules, and she鈥檚 not about enforcing them on her daughter where she doesn鈥檛 see fit, either.

While many of us may recall the agony of having to wait until a certain age for our parent鈥檚 permission to get our ears pierced, the Lip Sync Battle host says she鈥檒l let baby Luna decide if 鈥 and when 鈥 she wants to wear earrings.

As Teigen, 31, explains, her own mother dictated when she was allowed to don studs. 鈥淚 remember when I was little what I went through,鈥 the cookbook author remarked during a Forevermark launch event. 鈥淢y mom did it for me.鈥 (Ouch!) As for her own daughter, the Sports Illustrated vet will respect Luna鈥檚 earlobe choices.

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And, should she choose to forgo piercing altogether, the adorable toddler will still have plenty sparkly goodies to look forward to. 鈥淚 would love to give Luna a customized piece of jewelry,鈥 her mom quipped. 鈥淚 think there鈥檚 something really beautiful about her name 鈥 the way it鈥檚 written.鈥

We couldn鈥檛 agree more!

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