Heads up all you superhero movie buffs, there’s a new leading lady you might want to get to know. Clark Kent refers to her as Major Carris Farris, but IRL she goes by Christina Wren. The LA-based actress scored a role as a high-ranking military woman in Man of Steel back in 2013 and has reprised the career-making role in the sequel out today. Aside from scoring a place in Deadline’s top 5 “rising female movie stars” to watch out for in 2016, Christina has also been busy behind the camera running two independent studios with her husband. Oh yeah, and she’s also building a jewelry company. We sat down with Christina to see what advice she has for budding filmmakers, couples who want to start a business together and how you can keep your self-esteem high in even the toughest scenarios.

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 20: Actress Christina Wren attends the "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" New York premiere at Radio City Music Hall on March 20, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Stewart/Getty Images)

On how you can make it in Hollywood from your bedroom… Christina advises you ask yourself a few key questions: “What makes you unique? What makes your voice unique? Where do you come from? And how do you incorporate those things into your work?” Once you’ve figured out exactly what your niche will be, she says execution is key. “Think about something you can execute really well. Look at the tools around you, and ask, ‘What can we make that we know we can nail?'”

On how she manages a crazy busy schedule… “I silence my phone for a period of time,” Christina says. “I think the distraction of constant beeping and the email always coming in can do more harm than good. I sometimes get up really early and get a few hours of productive work in before the actual day starts, and then throughout the day I silence everything for half an hour and then get back online.”

On how you can stay sane while working with your spouse… In addition to starring in a major action flick, Christina also runs two companies with her husband (Two Kids With a Camera and Studio No. 2). she explains that the two of them manage to make it work by making their roles super defined. She says, “Be really clear about your positions and gifts, and really remember that you’re partners in business. You want to support each other, represent each other well and always have each other’s backs – especially publicly.”

On the major challenge women in the film industry face today… Christina explains that the struggles women face are mostly related to the sort of roles written for them. She tells us, “If you look at a casting breakdown for any show, there will be a laundry list of all different types of male characters. And then there’s usually the lead woman, her cute and quirky best friend – both of whom have to be cute and romantic – and then an older sage woman who might be in one scene. Oh, and possibly a secretary. Male actors can make a living seeking out all sorts of different roles no matter what their type is, but woman are so much more limited.”


On the creative project she’s super excited about… Surprise! Christina is secretly a professional jewelry maker. She dishes, “I have a jewelry company on Etsy called Tea on Tuesdays, and I want to make it more robust. I’ve always made jewelry, so I threw some photos up on Etsy but I haven’t put a ton of energy behind it. I want to make it more inviting and accessible.”

On how she boosts her self-esteem while working in Hollywood… Her advice is simple: Engage with the world. Christina says, “I remove myself from anything that would make me think about those issues. Also, try to not have mirrors in prominent places. I find it to be really distracting if there’s a whole wall of mirrors in a home. Put it somewhere where you can go check yourself in the morning, then then leave it behind.”

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(Photo via Michael Stewart/Getty)