There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked cookies on Christmas day. Whether they’re for you or for Santa, Christmas cookies are one of the things we all look forward to each season. Now that you’ve had your chance to make some holiday treats with your kiddos, take a look at this season’s best. From the classic Christmas spritz cookies to the cutest ugly sweater cookies, indulge in this seasonal delight with 15 of the most creative Christmas cookies found on Instagram.


1. Chocolate Dipped: A dose of nostalgia, anyone? These childhood favorites will transport you instantly to cozy nights at your grandma’s. The best part is that there are no rules, so feel free to be creative and have fun with the shapes and designs. (via @tasteofhome)


2. Christmas Trees: A gold-trimmed tree is always an elegant look, but who knew trees could taste this good? (via @sweetciaobella)


3. Christmas Lights: Brighten up the night (or day) with some holiday cheer. These fabulously colorful christmas lights are sure to please your friends and family. (via @hol_fox)


4. Reindeer Cookies: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen will have no problem leading the other five reindeer through whatever holiday gatherings you’ve got planned. Don’t forget to find a red nose for Rudolph — a red cinnamon candy should do the trick. (via @anh_bui)


5. Pastel Christmas Cookies: Don’t forget to invite pastels to the party. Or, if there is no party, just let these shimmery pastel pretties help you celebrate the joy of the holidays with a few loved ones. (via @ocd_obsessive_cookie_designer)


6. Sweater Weather Cookies: Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. Press a pattern into decorated cookies and bring ’em out to wow everyone at the party. (via @thewhiskandspoon)

bakedideas gingerbread

7. Yogabread Men: Holiday hustle stressing you out? Give yourself peace of mind with these adorable gingerbread yogis. (via @bakedideas)


8. Hats and Mittens: No need to bundle up and face the cold — just curl up for a festive film and treat yourself to a couple of these. (via @goboldwithbutter)


9. Presents: It’s only fair to leave Santa a few presents in exchange for those gifts he stashed under your tree. (via @bakedideas)


10. Joyful Greetings: Gilded greetings bring joy and cheer, especially when they’re delivered on cookies. (via @dolcebellabyerin)


11. Ugly Christmas Sweaters: These cookies might just be the cutest ugly sweaters ever. Now for the real task: finding one to wear. (via @lizybbakes)

hol_fox tree

12. Christmas Trees: If you’re not up to the task of trimming the tree, trim these cookies instead. No promises they’ll last until Christmas though. (via @hol_fox)


13. White Winter Wonderland: Keep your cookie tray elegant with an all-white assortment of cookies. Bonus: These could definitely pull double duty at a Christmas wedding. (via @miwattishimada)


14. Snowflake Cookies: LET IT GOOOOO. Just try serving up these cute snowflakes without everyone belting out songs from Disney’s Frozen. (via @tierpdx)

bakedideas starbucks

15. Coffee Emoji: Here’s a new spin on festive cups that everyone will love — although you might have to supply your own coffee. (via @bakedideas)

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