While home decor can include fab statement pieces or bright accents, sometimes the smaller details are just as important. Take, for example, your corners. These 45-degree areas are often neglected, yet, they have endless opportunities to serve as cozy reading nooks, nap spots, mini-gardens, and so much more. So if your current corner sitch isn’t up to these standards, then scroll down below to check out eight clever ways to turn these dust-collecting areas into decorating gold.

1. Hanging Seat: We’re loving this hanging seat hack for a modern boho reading nook. And since it needs to be attached to a ceiling, a corner makes the perfect spot to situate your chair — no more worrying about bulky furniture arms or legs! (via Passion Shake)

2. Hanging Plants: So you may not have space for an outdoor garden, but your corner sure does. Fasten a few of your favorite greens to hanging pots and call yourself a #jungalow queen. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Music Nook: Show off your record collection in its own dedicated area. With a wall shelf, a couple of framed prints, and a vintage speaker, you can create your own little music studio. (via Elle Decoration)

4. Ladder Storage: A ladder can serve as the perfect way to display trinkets from all your travels and places you’ve been. To make the most of your repurposed statement, we’d suggest painting it white to really let the pieces pop. (via Elle Decoration)

5. Reading Nook: Use gold accents and modern furnishing to create a chic little nook worth spending your lazy afternoon in. Just be sure to have a few cozy throws — and maybe a pillow or two — handy. (via Emily Henderson)

6. Succulent Station: There’s something about a set of succulents that’s just *so* sweet. Pair a trio together on a rustic side table for a tiny little plant corner. (via Micasa)

7. Gallery Wall: Furniture aside, your walls deserve just as much attention. Take your favorite prints from around the home to compile an art gallery worth showcasing. (via A Beautiful Mess)

8. Floor Cushions: Sometimes, you just need an afternoon to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good book. We can’t think of a better place to do this than on a cushy floor pillow. (via Design Mom)

Which corner decor ideas are you most excited about? If you’re looking for more ways to decorate those hard-to-reach places, follow us on Pinterest for tons of inspo and DIYs.