The good news: You made it past three levels of Candy Crush this morning. (Take that, level 147!) The bad news: Your phone battery is dead. Done-zo. Kaput. But don’t fret, mobile mavens! The Dutch designer Studio Maks has completely changed the game with the Cloud Table, which is a wireless (yes, wireless) charging table.

Charging pads are built into the tabletop so that all users have to do is lay their phone on the surface to start charging. It’s that easy. And as if things couldn’t get any better, the table also features WiFi signal enhancers, so you’ll get a better internet connection, too!

The table was showcased in an exhibition at the Vetura Lambrate during Milan Design Week 2014. Studio Maks founder, Marieke Kums, explained that their goal was to create a work space that would accommodate people’s needs for social interaction and information during the weeklong fair.

Practicality aside, we just have to say that’s one beautiful table. It boasts a whopping 70-square-meter surface and is made of untreated poplar wood with thin steel legs — with matching chairs to boot. The curved surface lets users pick their work style — whether you’re interested in a group meeting or an individual study sesh, this table is suitable for both.

Our thoughts? The world is becoming more social and mobile obsessed by the day — and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon — so we’re more than confident the Cloud Table will make its mark on all of us in the near future when it moves out of its concept phase. In the meantime, we’ll continue to drool over these photos and carry our charging cord in our back pocket at all times, just in case.

What is your must-have smart phone accessory that you couldn’t imagine living without? Tell us below in the comments!