From high-fashion-meets-fast-fashion partnerships like Alexander Wang and H&M and Jil Saunder and Uniqlo to one-of-a-kind collections like Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette and supermodel Cara D teaming up with DKNY, we can say this is definitely the craziest fashion collab craze we’ve ever experienced. And we only expect it’s going to get crazier from here on out. Case in point: A classic handbag and a classic comic are partnering up for holiday shopping seasons.

We’re talking about Coach and Peanuts. The traditional American leather goods brand and those lovable cartoon characters have joined forces to send you the best and cutest holiday wishes ever.

This limited-edition lineup flaunts Coach’s signature satchels, sturdy duffel bags, crossbodies and portfolio clutches, all embossed with Peanuts characters. Colors are mainly kept simple with ivory, black, brown and neon “Woodstock” yellow. In addition to handbags, there are leather Snoopy dolls, leather bracelets, Snoopy T-shirts and even rare wall art.

Can’t get enough? Here’s a piece of good news for iPhone users (sad face, Android users). Coach will release its first free iPhone app, featuring motifs from Peanuts collaboration. There’s a game called “Which Peanut Are You?” and you can even get photobombed by Charlie Brown and gang. How fun is that? This limited-time collection is set to launch this week, on October 24th, and will be available in select Coach stores and at The iPhone app will be available to download on October 22nd.

What do you think about these two forces uniting for a collection? Which products made it to your holiday wish list? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t: Fashion Spot)