Whoop whoop, it’s been really mild so far this winter! So it’s not totally strange to see people drinking iced coffee. However, some people prefer the iced over hot year round, and it turns out that there’s a health benefit to drinking iced java — but only if it’s cold brew, according to this report by Elite Daily.


Cold brew is the process by which you do exactly what the name says — brew the beans cold. Soak coffee beans overnight, then strain out the beans from the water and voila, you have cold brew coffee. You can also do it via french press if you’re a bit fancier.


Vicki Edgson, a nutritionist, says the reason behind the theory comes down to the heating process: When you heat coffee beans, they release acidic oils, and if you burn the beans, they reduce a cup of joe’s proven health benefits. (Burning the coffee also results in that nasty bitter taste).

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But with cold brew coffee, there’s about a third less acid released than hot, which makes it more alkaline and overall a better option for your digestive system. Some people also think that cold brews taste sweeter by nature, perhaps eliminating some of the sugar you’d have to pile into a burnt cup of hot brew. Less sugar, more health benefits and something you can leave overnight and forget about? Sounds like a win.

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(h/t Elite Daily + cold coffee images via Abi Porter)