Danish artist Margrethe Odgaard is known for creating designs and patterns for housewares that are absolutely delightful. Her aesthetic is bright and cheery and each of her pieces has an extra bit of unique, spontaneous fun. Most recently, her pendant light collection called Colour Cups has caught our eye.

As part of the 2013 Editions in Craft Workshop, Margarethe worked alongside women from the Siyazama Project and Simuye Craft Collective in Kwa-Zulu, Natal, who specialize in beadwork.These mini lamp shades were made with just wire and glass beads, using an intricate technique derived from the making of African reed baskets.

Bead by bead, these colorful beauties were handmade to bring a little color to your average bulb. They’re like little light bulb caps, or as Odgaard calls them, “minimalist lamp shades.”

They give off a similar effect as stained glass, which makes us wonder, what would happen if you made shapes and figures with the beads? How about a flower Colour Cup? We know there’s a DIY in there somewhere…

Get inspired and check out these and other projects from Margrethe Odgaard at her website.

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