From homemade cards to seriously gorgeous wall art, hand-lettering and word art is our jam. So as typography snobs, we’re allowed to poke a little fun at the most ridiculed font of them all: Comic Sans. For some typography lovers, Comic Sans is pretty much the worst font around. That being said, we kind of love this amazing typewriter that only writes in the classically ridiculed type.

Called the Sincerity Machine, this modified typewriter clicks off manuscripts exclusively in Comic Sans. It was created by Jesse England, who started off with a typewriter from the ’70s then modified each key with laser-etched caps, ensuring that they print out the silly Sans font.

According to England, the typewriter was created as part of a project intended to examine how “we create, consume, story and fetishize media.” That consumption extends to our use of fonts of course, and the almost automatic assumptions we make when we see each new typeface. Guilty. And maybe it’s time for Comic Sans to have an epic comeback. We’re all for a good ’90s throwback…

So what do you think of the Sincerity Machine? Would you use it to send snail mail, or is it bringing back bad memories of your first version of Microsoft Word?