HAPPY NATIONAL TRAIL MIX DAY! Trust us, you’re gonna need some protein from the on-the-go combo to make it through that VMAs hangover you’re more than likely experiencing. Though it might be a rough Monday, once you make it through you’re only a few short commutes away from the long Labor Day weekend. So check out five things your journeys to and from the office require this week to make M-F a catcake walk.

1. Stream The Weeknd’s New Album “Beauty Behind the Madness”: You may have been a low-key fan of this VMAs performer prior to his song on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, but with his new album not only will you be shouting your love and adoration for Abel Tesfaye from a megaphone, but you’ll be demanding all of your friends give it multiple spins as well. From slow jams to intense R&B tracks this album will take you on a mental journey while you’re on that physical one to the office. Sidenote: If you haven’t had Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest album “E•MO•TION” on repeat, are you even living?!

2. Watch “Little Girls Help Women Get Ready for a First Date”: You know kids; whatever’s on their mind comes out hashbrown no filter, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Check out this vid of young ladies helping adult women get ready for a first date. It’s full of serious LOLs, interesting makeup techniques and possibly some good advice.

3. Follow @ari_fararooy: If you’re in dire need of some AM-to-PM creative inspo, then this is the Instagram to follow. Visual effects artist Ari Fararooy makes his snaps stand out by taking unique photos with paint, in the desert and even just in front of walls with a common theme — never showing his face. Believe us, you’re gonna be hooked on this feed and wanting to snap your own versions inspired by his.

4. Subscribe to SketchShe: Let this Australian trio join your commuting routine to increase the funny through sketches, mashups and more. With a channel full of pop music dance parties in cars and adventures at events like Comic Con, you’ll probably find it hard not to sing along with the ladies while also attempting not to roll around on the floor laughing out loud at their crazy antics.

5. Download Workflow ($4.99 on iOS): You are very busy, so make that life of yours more efficient with the help of this automation tool app. With more than 200 actions to help you in areas like your contacts, calendar, photo, social media, etc. all you’ve gotta do is drag and drop action combos to create workflows that will make your job and personal life feel less stressed and more #blessed.

What else do you use to power through five days of commuting? Share those picks with us in the comments.