We’re perpetually plugged in, which means we’ve always got a cadre of cords, plugs and tech with us in our bags. We’re also hooked on good interior design —all rose quartz everything, please! But stylish chargers? Cool cords? Never the twain shall meet. That is, until now. Below you’ll find eight of our favorite techie accessories that are well designed, simplify your life… and fit into your bag.


1. Key Smart 2.0 Key Organizer ($20): There’s nothing worse than throwing your sunglasses into your bag as you rush into class or a morning meeting, only to realize later that the lenses had an unfortunate incident with your key ring. Keep your sunnies scratch-free with this sleek key organizer.


2. Bando Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): There’s nothing chic about a dead phone battery, but this glitter-printed mobile phone charger is all kinds of cool. When your phone dips into that dreaded red zone, now you can recover in style, no matter where you are.


3. TrackR StickR TrackR ($25): Hands up if your keys somehow end up hiding in your refrigerator or in between the couch cushions on the regular (Spoiler alert: Our hands are raised). With the StickR, instead of waking up your roomie to ask if she’s seen your keys, just pull up the app on your phone and you’re out the door.


4. This Is Ground Cordito Cord and Plug Roll-Up ($50): Gather up your gear in this compact leather roll-up to prevent that inevitable tangle of cords at the bottom of your bag. Not only does it have space to store all your mobile miscellany, it’s also super supple and luxe.


5. Happy Plugs Gold Earbuds ($30): Ok, so maybe these aren’t Rihanna’s custom Dolce and Gabbana headphones, but that gold is pretty glam regardless. Why not make your earbuds an intentional part of your outfit? Your subway ride just got a whole lot chicer.


6. Bando Gold Charging Cord ($17): We didn’t realize how hopelessly boring our white iPhone charging cord was until we saw this metallic option. And with a hot pink detail? Can a phone charger be #squadgoals?


7. PhotoJoJo Telephoto Lens ($20): A pocketful of fun phone photo lenses is the perfect way to up your Instagram game beyond slapping a VSCO cam filter on that latte and magazine flat lay and calling it a day. This telephoto option will give you some serious zooming capabilities so your next sunset snap will rack up the likes.


8. Bando Keep It Classy Rose Gold Pouch ($30): Of course, you’ll need a cute bag to store all your techie accessories. This luxe rose gold pouch is the perfect size to stash in your purse and keep your keys, lenses and chargers convenient.

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