What to Make This Weekend: Cookie Cutter Jewelry Dishes, Reversible Shawl + More!
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What to Make This Weekend: Cookie Cutter Jewelry Dishes, Reversible Shawl + More!

With Valentine’s Day decorations popping up all over the place, it’s easy to get caught up in a flurry of pink and red. Take a quick break from chosing the perfect gift for your boo and focus on some projects that are all about helping you treat yourself. This week we’ve got a DIY spa day, some easy organization ideas and even a DIY mudroom that takes advantage of a few feet of hallway in a way you never would have imagined. Scroll on down for 13 projects to tackle before Monday’s return.

1. DIY Eyeball Drink Stirrers: If you’re planning a Galentine’s brunch or Valentine’s party, these drink stirrers need to be made pronto. Use colorful gum balls to make these perky, perfectly lashed eyes, toss them into a cocktail or mimosa and all eyes will be on you. (via The House That Lars Built)

2. DIY Cookie Cutter Jewelry Trays: If you’re having trouble finding a jewelry tray you love, it’s time to DIY something totally unique. Use cookie cutters to make really easy trays out of clay that you can personalize with paint and glaze. If you’re giving jewelry this Valentine’s Day, it’s practically a requirement that you gift a pineapple tray as well. (via Aww, Sam)

3. DIY Shawl: A reversible shawl means twice as many #OOTDs with one quick and easy accessory. If you’re itching to try a sewing project, it doesn’t get any easier than this DIY. With a basic square and four straight line stitches, you’ll be ready to rock that day-to-night look in no time. (via Brit + Co)

4. DIY Paper Poppies: The only thing better than a bouquet of colorful flowers is a bouquet of colorful flowers that never die. Poppies are really easy to make, so DIY a cheery centerpiece for your next party or put a bouquet on your coffee table. (via Why Don’t You Make Me?)

5. DIY Paper Mache Trinket Box: Corral your trinkets together in a handy little box and top the whole thing off with a tassel. If you’re gifting jewelry or even candy, this cute box is way better than the store container, especially with those hand-painted Xs and Os on the top. (via Enthralling Gumption)

6. DIY Girly Planters: Succulents and air plants are happy little things that require happy planters. Print and stick these little faces on or, if you have bigger pots, draw your own pretty ladies. Big smoochy lips look especially appropriate with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. (via Lovely Indeed)

7. DIY Bath Salts: Save yourself an expensive spa date and make a relaxing bath soak with ingredients you’ve got in your pantry. Whip up a bunch to gift some to your friends, but be sure to stash a few away for a monthly soak. (via Brit + Co)

8. DIY Tablet Cover: If you have a Kindle or tablet cover sitting around that you never use because it’s — ahem — ugly, it’s time to spruce it up with some marble contact paper. Seriously, is there anything you can’t do with that stuff? (via Sugar & Cloth)

9. DIY Hanging Mirror: Give your walls one more piece of eye candy with a pretty hanging mirror. Pick up a cutting board in any shape you want (though this round one is pretty adorable) and paint half of it cotton candy pink or gold. (via Sugar & Cloth)

10. DIY Ombre Chair Makeover: Who else thinks their dining room chairs need a Pantone-inspired makeover? If you’re unsure about tackling a whole set of dining furniture, transform a thrift store find into an ombre statement chair for the hallway in under an hour. (via Paper & Stitch)

11. DIY Wooden Card Holder: For all you girl bosses out there, this project is for you. Keep those perfectly designed business cards within reach and well displayed with this stylish wooden card holder. Your typically messy desk will thank you. (via The Merrythought)

12. Printable Skin Care Labels: Who else made a resolution to take better care of their skin this year? Set up a station in the bathroom with a cute tray, some air plants and a jewelry dish and then print these labels to make your face wash and toner a little prettier. See, now you’ll actually look forward to taking off your makeup at night. (via Proper)

13. DIY Mudroom: You don’t need a fancy foyer or even much of an entryway to have a mini mudroom. Turn your hallway into a place to dump (and by dump, we mean hang in an orderly fashion) your shoes, scarves and coat. Lay down a good floor mat and you’ve made a mudroom with only a few feet of space. (via Brit + Co)

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