Brit HQ is buzzing merrily with our holiday-themed retail shop, a whole bunch of fun decor DIY projects, and, of course, Christmas cookies! As part of opening up Brit + Co SF, we teamed up with Wilton to invite local foodies, bloggers, and cookie enthusiasts here to our office to learn all about the art of cookie decorating. With our ultimate eggnog, holiday tunes, and plenty of frosting, we had a cookie-tastic time!

As you can see, the cookie decorating setup was thorough. Lots of different decorating tips, sprinkles, and icing, all courtesy of Wilton!

Gloria, a local cookie decorating expert and Wilton Method Instructor, kicked things off by teaching us how to flood our cookies for a nice even coat. It’s way harder than it looks to make sure the frosting doesn’t spill off the edges — use a steady hand!

Cookie Decorating Method #1: Tie Dye — This one is definitely the easiest, because you can totally freestyle your designs!

To make this, first flood your cookie with White Cookie Icing. Then drop dots of red and green, and swirl with a toothpick! Then, if you feel like really nerding out, you can put a virtual Santa hat on your cookie ;)

Cookie Decorating Method #2: Poinsettias — The toughest one we learned, the key with this one is concentration and the right decorating tip.

This one definitely takes some serious skills. You want to start with an iced cookie – you can ice these the night before to make sure they’re dry. Then use a special decorating tip to create your poinsettia leaves. Adorn with pearl-like sprinkles and you’ve got one classy cookie.

Cookie Decorating Method #3: Snowflakes — We do love us a geometric pattern, especially in snowflake form.

For this, you also want to start with an iced cookie. Then simply create a snowflake pattern using firm white royal icing, and top with sparkly silver or white sprinkles. Let it snow… cookies! Yep, we just said that.

As you can see, everyone was concentrating pretty darn hard on those cookies!

After we got schooled on cookies, everyone got to take home a pretty amazing swag gift box, packed with all sorts of awesome Wilton products. Each box included special holiday Candy Melts candy (gingerbread-flavored!), a holiday cookie cutter, striped straws, lollipop sticks, sprinkles, and a cookie decorating kit complete with all the decorating tips you need.

So. Many. Cookies!!

Thanks so much to Wilton for partnering with us to host this festive event!