Back in the day, we spent many a night negotiating bedtime. How ironic that nowadays we are pleading for a handful of minutes of extra beauty sleep. Has our appreciation for bedtime just come with age? Either way, we’re older and wiser, and, lucky for us, we are now armed with tips and tricks to get our little ones to bed. And now, on top of the many great books and epic lullabies you use, you can also turn to these 14 fab bedding options to get your kid excited about hittin’ the hay.

1. Sheepish Sheet Set ($69): Counting sheep is everyone’s favorite! Lure your little ones to sleep with these adorable little bundles of wool. (via Land of Nod)

2. Glow In The Dark White Rockets ($18-90): Blast off little astronauts! These sheets will most definitely inspire dreamlike, galaxy-sized adventures! PS — they glow in the dark! (via Garnet Hill)

3. Welcome to The Jungle ($69): Calling all adventure seekers! These sheets will have your little jungle crawler off on an adventure before you can even say goodnight. (via Land of Nod)

4. Puppy Love Flannel Sheets ($24-98): Your cuties will want to snuggle up to these adorable hot dogs from the get-go! Best in show never looked so cute. (via Garnet Hill)

5. Creatures From Another Sheet ($69): Wrangle your own little monster to sleep with these colorful demons. (via Land of Nod)

6. Sundae Best Sheet Set ($79): If your child has ever begged you to sleep with a huge ice cream sundae (because, really, who hasn’t?), here is the chance! Your favorite little person is sure to have sweet dreams now. (via Land of Nod)

7. Catch The Waves ($60): Unleash your little pirate into the sea of sleep! They’ll just be an eye patch away from the best adventure the ocean’s ever seen! (via Land of Nod)

8. Mermaid Sheet Set ($15-109): Your swimming beauties will love falling asleep with their mermaid pals. There’s no better way to fall into a deep sleep than with a sea full of friends. (via Pottery Barn Kids)

9. Robo Sheet Set ($69): We bet you and your mini-you have perfected your robot moves on the dance floor, but why let the party end there? (via Land of Nod)

10. Bicycle Sheet Set ($15-109): It’s never too early to get your cycle on! These sheets will have your rider kicking off the training wheels in their sleep! (via Pottery Barn Kids)

11. Confectionary Sheet Set ($69): Have a little baker-in-training at your house? There’s no better way for him or her to wake up than surrounded by gigantic macarons! (via Land of Nod)

12. Rainbows Flannel Sheets ($24-98): If dreaming in full color is a must for your little one, here is the perfect option. Rainbows and sunshine are always good things to wake up to! (via Garnet Hill)

13. Orion’s Sheet Set ($14-99): Here’s to your curious little ones who could stare at the stars forever! (via Land of Nod)

14. Field Guide Sheet Set ($69): Learn while you sleep with this fun new take on the ABCs. Teaching kids about yaks and x-ray fish has seriously never been this fun before. (via Land of Nod)

What’s your favorite way to put your little one to sleep? Share your tips below!