Living with roomies comes with a heap of benefits: Sharing the best new books for millennials, cooking family dinners together and having a solid reason to power shop the heck out of whatever basics you need. After all, buying in bulk is a bonafide way to save more money. Enter our love for Costco, the one-stop shop for allll the things. Though getting the most bang for your buck comes with an annual fee of $55 per year, the benefits *definitely* exceed the cost. There’s so much more than just insanely cheap gas and low-cost wine, and we found a handful of hidden perks that prove a membership is totally worth it. If you didn’t renew your membership this year, read on to understand why you NEED to reconsider joining the cult shopping club.


1. Amazing travel deals: Costco’s travel site has exclusive deals for members, which range from cruises to international flights. Your membership can also help you save money on hotels, tickets to attractions (hello, Disney World!) and rental cars. Just as awesome as those perks — we’ve read that the company can score you group discounts that are impossible to get yourself. Not too shabby, right?

2. Deep discounts on prescriptions: You can save up to a whopping 40 percent on medicine for you or your pets when you buy it with your membership at Costco. Those savings can add up super quickly. Another amazing medical benefit to your membership? The ability to book an eye appointment with the in-store optical center. Not only does it clock in at a low price, but there are typically a ton of available times for you to be seen by an eye doctor. Don’t forget about this one next time your go-to doc is booked solid and you’re in a pinch.

3. Truly helpful tech support: Spending precious free time troubleshooting tech stuff on your own is pretty much the WORST, which is why we love Costco’s upbeat and ultra-patient concierge support so much. The free phone help is available for any major appliance you purchase, including exercise equipment.

4. Great insurance rates: Adulting means figuring out a lot of important stuff for the first time, like insurance. Whether it’s for your health, car, apartment or even something more particular, your membership gives you access to Ameriprise and a bunch of exclusive, discounted plans. Since Costco members report saving an average of $538 on just auto insurance in the first year post-switch, you can instantly justify your annual membership.

5. Author visits and book signings: Bookworms, take note! You probably know that you can snap up top titles for low prices at Costco, but did you know that your membership might come with the opportunity to meet the person who penned them too? Yep, it’s true. Author visits and signings are an added benefit to a Costco membership, with high profile people like Martha Stewart gracing the evolving list of writers slated to make an appearance.

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