It鈥檚 not always easy to open up about fertility struggles.聽Frankly, even knowing when to see a doctor聽to address the issue can be kind of a scary prospect. But now as fertility apps, fertility tech, and even boutique fertility clinics become common, folks are more likely聽to talk about their experiences. That鈥檚 why country star Brantley Gilbert and his wife Amber (a gal who he dated as a teen, which just happens to be an added adorable fact) have shared the exciting news that they鈥檙e expecting a baby after their own fertility struggle.

Brantley Gilbert and wife Amber

鈥淚鈥檓 not an emotional guy, but this has got me crying like a baby,鈥 Gilbert told People, and his reaction to his wife鈥檚 pregnancy is not only apt (ya know, the crying like a BABY part), but it鈥檚 also totally understandable when you realize the struggle the couple has gone through to get to this point.

Hoping for a baby since they married back in the summer of 2015, Gilbert reveals that after failing to get pregnant, 鈥淲e鈥檇 been to see a fertility specialist, and two different folks that told me it would be close to a miracle if it happened without IVF. I鈥檓 not much of a quitter, but I was really, really frustrated.鈥

It was during that time, when Amber was still unsure about in vitro fertilization, that聽she surprised her 32-year-old hubby on his bus before a show in Louisville. 鈥淪he handed me a box and there were three pregnancy tests in there and all of them were positive,鈥 Gilbert said. 鈥淚 think I stared at it for at least two minutes without saying anything because I was literally in shock. We鈥檇 been told it was just not in the cards, and I鈥檓 staring at this answer to many, many, many prayers.鈥 So sweet!

With the baby due November 17, Gilbert admits that when it comes to his wife, 鈥淚鈥檝e never been more in love with her!鈥 And when it comes to how he feels about their growing family, 鈥淚n the middle of a day, I鈥檒l find myself smiling about nothing.鈥 Nothing, but everything鈥 we totally get it.

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(h/t People; photo via Rick Diamond/Getty)