The holidays are bursting with creative potential, but few things are more creatively compelling than these adorable alternatives to traditional wrapping paper. Whether you’re working with yarn, butcher paper or scraps of fabric, there are a ton of innovative ways to wrap with materials you probably already have in your home. And the best part is that most of ’em can be accomplished in minutes. So get to scrolling and prepare to impress your friends and fam with your mad wrapping skillz.


1. Rainbow Goodness: Forgo paper entirely in favor of rainbow yarn with this scrumptious idea. Basic boxes, some colorful yarn and your imagination are all you need to have the most unique boxes under the tree. (via Abrams)


2. Chalk Paper: Have an affinity for doodling? Put that skill to festive use by picking up some chalk paper and creating your own playful present patterns. (via Issuu)


3. Fabric Wrap: This might be the easiest idea of the bunch, but it’s no less adorable for it. Tie off a few scraps of fabric in seconds, and suddenly you’re the Martha Stewart of the holidays. (via The Merriment Blog)


4. DIY Melted Crayon Paper: Melted crayons were cool as a kid, but they might be even cooler for adults. Melt and drip some crayons over a paper bag for the most creative presents in the pack. (via Sisters, What!)


5. Butcher Paper: Who knew that butcher paper could be so pretty? Scoop up a roll of black paper, a bit of twine and a few pine branches if you’re feeling fancy, and your wrapping woes are over! (via Shannon Kirsten)


6. Shirt Wrap: You know those shirts you never wear but haven’t let go of yet? Use ’em as gift wrap for this innovative idea. Add a brooch or two for a little extra sparkle. (via Country Living)


7. DIY Potato Chip Bag Wrap: This cute little treasure is all wrapped up in… a frickin’ potato chip bag. This is definitely the chicest a chip bag has ever looked. (via Drawings Under the Table)


8. DIY Tissue Paper Pom-Pom: Don’t sleep on this old staple. Tissue paper is a super versatile material that makes for sweet gift wrap and provides plenty of potential to play. If you’re feeling extra crafty, try your hand at fashioning a bow out of the material, like this one. (via Oi Paketti!)


9. DIY Bag: Feel like dipping your hands deep into the DIY pond? Turn an envelope or craft paper into a gorgeous gift bag. (via Hello Sandwich)


10. DIY Reindeer Print: Craft paper strikes again! You can pick out a color of your choosing and get to decorating in whatever way the spirit moves you. Or, you can get down on this oh-so-cute DIY reindeer print. (via Splash of Something)


11. DIY No-Sew Fabric Bags: For some fancy-looking homemade gift wrap that seems like it took a lot of work but in actuality couldn’t be easier, try this idea. No needle and thread required. (via We Are Scout)


12. DIY Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper: Equal parts easy and clever, this is perfect for the word enthusiast in your life. Plus, you can print your own for a fully customizable wrapping and card experience. (via The Dieline)

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