While it’s fair to think fondly of yarn in the clutches of nana’s knitting needles, it can be a part of some seriously marvelous modern-day decorating. You’ve probably noticed that macrame, tassel and textile wall hangings are right on trend right now, and with them come the glorious return (and revamping) of yarn DIYs. It’s time to shine, all you crafters, decorators and notorious closet knitters. These 19 ways to decorate with yarn will make the yarn section your new favorite place!

1. Yarn-Wrapped Monogram: Spruce up those large monograms by wrapping them up in a new texture. You can easily make a color for every room. (via The Pink Doormat)

2. DIY Yarn Wall Art: Go hammer crazy and put your favorite words on your wall with your favorite colors. Your friends will demand you show them how. (via Jen Loves Kev)

3. Dip Dye Yarn Tassel Wall Hanging: Wall hangings made from yarn are invading homes everywhere. We think this dip dye project will fit blend in perfectly. (via Homey Oh My)

4. Rope Table Runner: Add some yarn to your tablescape with this DIY rope runner. It’s also the perfect opportunity to practice your weaving skills. (via Brit + Co.)

5. Pom Pom String: Buy or DIY a string of pom poms to drape across frames or, if you’re lucky enough to have one, your deer head. Looks like somebody’s ready to party. (via Babyology)

6. Embroidery Hoop Wall Decoration: Get that nursery wall looking fabulous with some embroidery hoops and pastel threads. Though we won’t blame you if we find this in your living room. (via Wedding Chicks)

7. DIY Pendant Light: Replace your tattered wicker pendant shade with this fabulous yarn shade. We fully endorse using this same buttery yellow hue. (via Place of My Taste)

8. Yarn-Wrapped Bottle: All the possibilities with this project make it the perfect centerpiece for any party. Just a little glue and your thrift store vases are as good as new! (via Offbeat Bride)

9. Yarn-Wrapped Stick Fort: Grab the kids and start wrapping to construct the most colorful stick fort you’ve ever seen… and we‘ve ever seen. (via The Red Thread)

10. Pom Pom Garland: Use those pom poms to your best advantage and add some garlands to your holiday decor. These would look gorgeous hanging alongside paper snowflakes when the holidays come around. (via Uppercase Magazine)

11. Yarn Ombré Lampshade: Tired of your lamps? Before you buy new ones, wrap up that lampshade in ombré for a totally new look. (via Vintage Revivals)

12. Triangle Banner: Grab your knitting needles and get started on the cutest banner we’ve ever seen. Those tiny triangles are definitely baby shower-approved. (via Garnasinne)

13. Stone Weaving Craft: Turn your smoothest beach stones into pretty paperweights with some colorful yarn and a bit of stitching. We’re thinking this is a gift that all would appreciate. (via Molly Moo Crafts)

14. DIY Wrapped Flatware: Dress up your flatware for that family dinner. Everyone gets their own color. (via A Fabulous Fete)

15. Yarn Embroidered Baskets: Spice up those thrifted baskets with color and pattern. Decoration or gift? You decide. (via Design Improvised)

16. Yarn Ball Chandelier: Create the most amazing centerpiece that anyone’s ever seen with just yarn, glue and styrofoam balls. Hang ’em high with pride. (via Inspired By This)

17. Yarn Tassel Knob Bobbles: Yarn-ify even your doors with these colorful tassels. (Sidenote: Can we all paint our doors pink, too?) (via Aunt Peaches)

18. Illuminated Yarn Lanterns: Swap the classic paper lanterns in favor of these DIY yarn ones. The brighter the better. (via Brit + Co.)

19. Yarn Basket: If you’re a knitter, display your colors in the open instead of hiding them away. Hobby and decoration? Score! (via The Yvestown Blog)

Do you knit? What is your favorite thing to make with yarn? Tell us below!