We’re becoming quite fond of fondant over here at Brit + Co. So naturally we decided to round up 14 of our favorite fondant decorating ideas just for Y-O-U. They’re sure to have your little creative hearts pounding.


We even have a tutorial of our own that we created with Tessa Huff of Style Sweet CA. Head over to the Brit + Co Shop and check out our Cake Baking 101 E-Class. It’s the easiest way to get started on your fondant design adventures.



At the end of this 35-minute class, you’ll be sweetly rewarded for your efforts with an adorable three-layer buttercream cake. You can have your cake and eat it, too!

Now let the baking and fondant decorating commence!


1. Rainbow Heart Cake: Take your new fondant-making skills to the next level by making these colorful heart-shaped embellishments. (via TomKat Studio)


2. Mini Cake Toppers: Achieve cupcake cuteness with these mini rosette toppers. Pro tip: Add them to store-bought cupcakes for a personal touch. (via Poppytalk)


3. Instagrahams: OMG. How adorable are these little Instagram crackers? We want to make these, STAT. And Instagram them, obvi. (via Bakerella)


4. Fondant Bows: Can’t get enough of Tessa from Style Sweet CA? Follow her tutorial to make this pretty bow to top off your next cake. (via Style Sweet CA)


5. Make Homemade Sprinkles: Color your world (er, kitchen) by making your very own sprinkles. Choosing the colors will be half the fun! (via The View From Great Island)


6. Watercolor Cake: Love to watercolor? S0 d0 we! Let’s make it our next project while baking a cake, alright? (via The Cake Blog)


7. Rainbow Fondant Cupcake Cups: No more paper wrappers. Rock your kiddos’ world with these rainbow cupcake cups. (via Tablespoon).


8. Conversation Cakes: Let your cake do the talking with sweet fondant lettering. (via The Cake Blog)


9. Geometric Cookie Toppers: Spruce up your next batch of sugar cookies by adding bright, bold geometric shapes — a professional look with very little effort! (via Best Friends For Frosting)


10. Stencil Cake: Jazz up your fondant by covering it with stencils! This cake is perfect for birthdays, don’t you think? (via Handmade Charlotte)


11. Breath Mints: You only need fondant, food coloring and some minty oil to make these little breath mints. (via The Barefoot Baker)


12. Birthday Candle Cake: Skip the candles this year and just embellish your cake. No matter your age, this cake deco is simple, creative and easy to personalize. (via The Cake Blog)


13. Gold Feather Cupcakes: Feeling confident? Then try out these gold feather cupcake toppers. So pretty! (via The Cake Blog)


14. Mini Typography: This project is a true labor of love. And how perfect would this be for an anniversary dessert? (via Bakingdom)

Do you have a fondant creation you’re proud of? Share with us on Instagram. Make sure to use #britstagram so we can check them out!