That holiday is coming up again — you know, the one that’s all about mom? Yep, Mother’s Day! In between planning our brunch menu and ordering our own moms some gorgeous bouquets, we’re also celebrating all the other incredible moms out there. Scroll on to see 14 women who are fostering the #iamcreative sprit in their homes.

1. Creative Cook: This mother goes above and beyond to make deliciously creative meals for her kids. This is not a bad way to sneak in those vegetables your kids refuse to eat. Kudos to this mommy! (via Lee Samantha)

2. Fashion Assistant: Say hello to Mayhem, the designer behind the paper dresses that have just been picked up by J. Crew. Thanks to her mother, Mayhem’s designs have become world famous. (via Fashion by Mayhem)

3. Dreamy Photographer: Sioin Queenie Liao began experimenting with photography and styling after the birth of her first son, Wengenn. While her son is sleeping, she creates dreamy fairy tale scenes. (via Wengenn In Wonderland)

4. Sewing Master: An sews these adorable dresses for her two little girls, Norah and Ava. Even better? She shares all of her lovely creations on her blog. (via StraightGrain)

5. Blogging Whiz: We absolutely adore how blogger James always includes her children in her projects. She’s our go-to source for tips on everything from fashion to motherhood. (via Bleubird Blog)

6. Style Maven: We’ve got to hand it to this mamma. She let her son dress her for an entire week. Not many of us would actually rock these looks, but this mom did. We think the end result is totally adorbs! (via @SummerBellessa)

7. Artistic Collaborator: This mother-daughter duo decided to collaborate on art projects, resulting in incredible works of arts. Talk about bonding time with major payoff! (via Busy Mocking Bird)

8. Political Power Mom: This mother (and photographer) noticed not enough girls were looking up to successful, historical women. She decided to dress her five-year-old daughter as five different women from history: Susan B. Anthony, Coco Chanel, Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller and Jane Goodall. We think she deserves a round of applause. (via Jaime Moore Photography)

9. Dapper Stylist: Check out this dapper dude, dressed by his mom, of course. No matter what look she’s going for, she nails it every time. This cutie is going to be one heck of a stud when he gets older. (via @ministylehacker)

10. Yoga Guru: We can’t show our appreciation to the cool moms out there without shouting out to Laura. Not only is this a great way to get your child to think about fitness, but it also makes for some fun “mommy and me” photos. (via @laurasykora)

11. Girl Power Champion: This totally awesome mother, Kate Parker, started a photo series called Strong Is the New Pretty. She dedicated it to her two daughters, Ella and Alice. We are obsessed with these nature-filled pics! (via Kate Parker Photography)

12. Sneaky Chef: Who’s hungry? Li Ming creates these adorable bento boxes for her son’s lunch. This beats the brown paper bag lunch for sure. (via Bento Monsters)

13. LOL Photographer: These photos will make you giggle over just how cute they are. With just a few colorful settings and props, this photog mom creates some truly memorable photos. (via @araburr)

14. Creative Costumer: Jennifer Rouch is the designer behind her daughter’s spot-on Disney costumes. Not only does her daughter get to visit Disneyland, but she gets to look the part too. We’re kinda jealous. (via @ferdalump)

Who are your favorite creative moms? Let us know in the comments below!