Let’s run a quick poll: how many of you had help from a parent when it came to making Halloween costumes? Did your mom or dad ever help you pick out the perfect princess crown to wear on your birthday in the first grade?

Well, kudos to them for giving you a great childhood, but we have to let you in on some news: They have nothing on this costume-making mom who dresses her daughter up as a new Disney Princesseach time they visit Disneyland.

Jennifer Rouch has dressed daughter Lane in some incredibly accurate and gorgeous little costumes, impressing park attendees, performers and now us. The outfits are sewn from recycled materials from thrift stores (!!), bringing new life to once-retired garments.

Whether little Lane is dancing with Jack the skeleton or stealing Flyn Rider away from Rapunzel, her outfits are perfectly adorable.

And Lane, once shy and quiet, has become a bit of a social butterfly according to mom. With outfits that looked like they stepped right out of our TV screens, who can blame her?

Check out Jennifer’s Instagram to view the entire array of Lane’s Disney-inspired wardrobe as well as her adventures in Disneyland.

Which are your favorites? Wish you could have worn any of these when you were a kid? Tell us in the comments below!