The new year is almost here and that means at least one thing: back to work. But never fear, there’s plenty of time to really make the most of your break, now that the chaos of the holidays has subsided. We’re sharing 11 creative activities that will fill the final moments of your vacation days with creativity. Go ahead and make this last long weekend your most productive one yet.

1. Watercolor Kit and Class ($117): Ever wanted to learn to paint, but didn’t have the time? Throw that excuse out the window. This is the perfect opportunity to try something you’ve always wanted to do with your extra time. The kit and class combo has everything you need to make your dream a reality.

2. DIY Zipper Bracelet Kit ($25): If you’re tuckered out from buying things, but still want a cute new bracelet for when you head back to work, this kit is here to solve all your problems. Don’t buy a bracelet, make one! And a darn stylish one, at that.

3. DIY Laser Cut Pendant Kit ($25): If you’re looking for something cool and unique to jazz up an old ensemble, or you’re on the hunt for a new necklace to top of your new 2016 style, this is it, ladies. The best part is that this kit makes not one but two (!) necklaces, just in case you’re not quite done dishing out presents yet.

4. DIY Paper Crown Kit ($19): Paper crowns are whimsical and awesome, and flower crowns make anyone feel like a princess. Now both are combined for a killer craft project to pass the time.

5. DIY Almond Milk Kit ($35): Psh, off-the-rack almond milk? No thanks. This kit is for the ladies who like making everything in the kitchen, right down to their very own almond milk. Think about how great your coffee will taste with your homemade almond milk in it.

6. Crowdfunding Class ($39): If you’ve got a creative project on your mind but lack the funds, this how-to on crowdfunding is for you. Take this class and the sky… er, Internet will be raining money.

7. DIY Snood Kit ($64): It’s cold outside, and the best way to stay warm is with a snood — but not just any snood: a snood that you’ve knit with your very own two hands. This kit has got everything you need to start 2016 with rockin’ DIY style.

8. Calligraphy 101 Class and Kit ($76): Fill your last few days off with this calligraphy 101 class and kit, and the next time you send out a card, it’ll be addressed with your very own hand-lettered calligraphy beauty.

9. DIY Tablet Stand Kit ($19): While the return to work is inevitable, the one thing you can change is your work environment. Nab this tablet stand kit, and every time you work from your tablet, you’ll get to smile to yourself with the smug joy that can only come from admiring your own handiwork.

10. DIY Henna Kit ($12): The great thing about henna is that it’s beautiful and non-permanent (perfect for those with commitment issues). The downside is that it’s not so easy to do and it can be a bit costly to get it professionally done. This kit solves both — it teaches you how to do your very own henna at a completely reasonable price. Score!

11. Kombucha Brew Kit ($45): Here’s a kit from the kombucha experts themselves, in Brooklyn. You’ll get everything you need to whip up your very own batch of that yummy and mega-healthy fermented tea we all love.

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