You may remember a couple weeks ago when we shared some pictures of Seattle bride Chi Krneta鈥檚 amazing crocheted wedding dress that she made on her commute to work (yes, really). The result was so stunning, we decided to take a look on the interwebs and see what other crocheted gowns were out there. Turns out there are plenty 鈥 and they鈥檙e totally stunning. These 15 intricate dresses will have you trading silk for wool in no time.

1. Storybook Sweetheart: This bride looks like she stepped straight out of a fairytale in this charming floral gown. It鈥檚 a look that鈥檚 totally timeless. (via One Wed)

2. Meadow Bohemian Luxe Crochet Wedding Dress ($3,158): It鈥檚 not hard to see why this show stopper was featured in Vogue Italia. From the smallest crochet lace circlet to the scalloped lace-edged train, this dress is entirely handmade and insanely gorgeous.

3. Long Crochet Women鈥檚 Dress ($880): Most of these crocheted gowns have a boho vibe to them, but that doesn鈥檛 always have to be the case. Take this dress for example: classic in its cut, yet still totally unique.

4. Lovely in Lace: We are slightly obsessing over this dreamy desert wedding. The bride鈥檚 dress isn鈥檛 actually a dress at all, but a matching crocheted top and skirt. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

5. Kaftan Crochet Lace Dress ($2,254): For a look that鈥檚 casual but dramatic, this kaftan dress is a perfect pick. It鈥檚 mainly made of chiffon with crocheted detailing along the sides, which makes it a great in-between for brides who鈥檇 like crochet as an element of their dress rather than the main focus.

6. Long Sleeved Lady: If you鈥檙e planning a winter wedding, long sleeves are great for some extra warmth. And thanks to the crochet pattern, this bride鈥檚 sleeves are almost the main attraction of her stunning gown. (via Blush)

7. Commuting Queen: Here鈥檚 another look at Chi Krneta鈥檚 dress that she made on her way to work! If you thought that was crafty, just wait until you see what she did for her bridesmaids and reception dress. (via Brit + Co)

8. Low Back Bohemian Wedding Dress ($1,078): This is one dress you鈥檙e definitely not going to want to tuck away after your big day. With its intricate all-over detailing and a sexy low back, we鈥檙e guess you鈥檙e going to want to wear this wonder again.

9. Classy Occasion: Even if your ceremony is more of a casual affair, you can still totally rock the crochet. Shorten the hem and keep the silhouette classic with something similar to this vintage gem. (via Love My Dress)

10. Lace Ruffle Crochet Lace Trim Dress ($2,550): Well hello boho beauty! This chiffon, floor-length gown can be worn on or off the shoulder. An extra layer of lace flows over the top and around the back meeting at the elbows like a dream.

11. Bell Sleeved Beauty: The bell sleeves, floral crown and long veil make this bride look like a vision straight out of the 鈥70s. Love. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

12. Italian Wedding Envy: This dress is eye-catching from the front, but really grabs attention from behind. The open-backed crochet design is flirty but still modest enough for a family affair. (via Se帽orita Galante)

13. Simply Stitched: Love the low back but not such a fan of the sleeves? Ditch them. The look is just as stunning with bare arms. Also, check out this bride鈥檚 adorable flower girl who has a coordinating, crocheted dress. (via Se帽orita Galante)

14. Vintage Inspired Racer-Back Wedding Dress ($2,357): The crocheted design is subtle through the body of this dress, but sneak a peak at the train and you鈥檒l see how beautifully detailed the motif actually is.

15. Edwardian Elegance: Excuse us as we drool over this dreamy, rustic wedding in Big Sur. As if the scenery and decor weren鈥檛 beautiful enough, the bride鈥檚 crocheted dress is also an authentic vintage piece from the Edwardian era. (via Love My Dress)

What鈥檚 your take on this bridal trend? Would you wear a crocheted dress on your wedding day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.