Nothing beats coming home to a bubbling Crock Pot full of good smells. But besides the standard chili, barbecue and oatmeal, your trusty kitchen tool can also be used to DIY an incredible array of crafts. We did a little sleuthing, and here are 11 simple projects to get you started. By the time you’re done, we’ll be willing to bet you won’t look at your slow cooker the same way ever again.

1. Dyed Yarn: All you need to transform white (and often cheaper) yarn into a variety of colors is that small kitchen appliance and some Kool-Aid packets. (via Repeat Crafter Me)

2. All Natural Air Freshener: Combine your favorite scents in the pot (we love peppermint, pine and cranberry), then crank it up and get ready for your house to smell AMAZING. (via Do It Yourself Divas)

3. Lotion Bars: Rub one of these lotion bars over your skin after a hot shower to seal in moisture or soothe dry skin. You can mix and match with oils and butters to find the perfect ratio for your skin type. (via Simply Darling)

4. Candles: Never suffer through an over-scented candle again. Making your own gets you the perfect color and perfect amount of fragrance. (via Bonzai Aphrodite)

5. Bar Soap: Sure, this soap won’t look like the perfect square bars you buy at the drug store, but they’ve got plenty of old-school charm to brighten up a kitchen or bathroom. (via One Good Thing By Jillee)

6. Beeswax Lip Balm: Stave off chapped lips without breaking the bank thanks to this super easy DIY. (via DIY Network)

7. Potpourri: Let a blend of fall spices and fruits simmer in your Crock Pot for hours to get your house smelling perfectly of fall. Mmmm… what could be better? (via How Sweet Eats)

8. Strip Paint from Hardware: Restore old hinges, door knobs and more with this simple trick for getting rid of even the oldest, crustiest paint. (via Design Sponge)

9. Essential Oils: Make your own essential oils, then use them to add to the potpourri, candle or soap recipes above. (via eHow)

10. Play Dough: Whip up a batch of this super easy dough for your kids (actually who are we kidding, for YOU) to play with. You could even turn this clay into some awesome marbled accessories. (via Repeat Crafter Me)

11. Dip-Dyed Candles: Transform white pillar candles into gorgeous two-toned centerpieces. This is a great craft for transforming a holiday table with a pop of color. (via Martha Stewart)

Have you tried DIYing in your Crock Pot? Let us know in the comments below!