In case you haven鈥檛 heart, this is the age of food fusion. From cronut recipes to pokecado toast, it seems like combining our fave foods into tasty creations with funky fusion names is the way to strike Instagram-worthy food porn gold. And the latest craze to hit the shelves? Crotillas. Yep, tortillas + croissants. They鈥檙e a buttery, flake, pastry-like invention that can be used kind of like a regular tortilla 鈥 that is, it can be topped with all manner of delicious ingredients.

Crotillas are available at Walmart, and you can pick them up at a price of $4 for a box of eight. But of course, this begs the question: How the heck do you eat a crotilla? Is it meant to be enjoyed on its own like a breakfast pastry, or used in tacos and other tortilla-based dishes?

The answer is, kind of in between. You鈥檒l probably do best to stick with breakfast-y combos, but sweet and savory flavors can both work. Here are a couple of ideas:

However you decide to enjoy them, one thing鈥檚 for sure: Crotillas are a buttery, flaky treat in the shape of a tortilla, so you really can鈥檛 go wrong.

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(Photo via POPSUGAR)