Crystal-infused beauty products are adding a little something extra to beauty routines this season. Follow in the footsteps of celebs including Miranda Kerr (who stashes a gemstone in her bra, BTW), and get ready to open your mind to the benefits behind these mystical rocks. Whether infused or ground into mineral-rich powders, crystalline ingredients can help soothe, balance, enhance, and heal your skin. If you already rely on crystals to get through mercury retrograde, to re-align your chakras, or to restore your chill, prepare to take it one step further. No matter your ethereal orientation, you can score a little something from eight of nature’s most skin-friendly sparklers, from confidence-boosting citrine to nurturing rose quartz.

rose quartz

1. Start and end your day with the Girl Undiscovered Under the Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water ($45) multi-purpose micellar water containing rose quartz. The rose quartz- and citrine-infused concoction cleanses, balances pH, and hydrates your face, with the help of gemstones said to promote love, acceptance, and joy.


2. Combining inspiring garnet with the comforting vibes of rose quartz, this Paige Novick Passion Gem Story Oil ($36) has an empowering fragrance that might just enhance your joie de vivre when applied.


3.Jade, who? Detox and improve your complexion by using a carnelian facial roller. The Happy Soul Carnelian Crystal Facial Massage Roller ($45) de-puffs, clears skin, and promotes lymphatic drainage to resolves skin woes with the added bonus of carnelian’s bold energy.


4. Those who are drawn to citrine will enjoy the confidence-boosting vibes of Prismologie Citrine & Bergamot Energising Shower Gel ($45). It contains micro-citrine crystals that exfoliate your skin and bring out your inner glow.


5. Purify and regenerate skin using an emerald-infused facial oil like Shiffa Beauty Emerald Gem Stone Face Oil ($91). Emerald is believed to correct imbalanced skin, correcting everything from oil production to clogged pores and even brightening surface dullness. It also stimulates cell regeneration, sloughing away scars and imperfections.


6. Open up your “third eye” with the Shiva Rose Blue Crystal Eye Cream ($95) azurite-activated eye cream. The anti-aging powerhouse treats your delicate eye area with wrinkle-smoothing hyaluronic acid, calming chamomile and rooibos, and the nourishing power of lavender and pomegranate.


7. Improve circulation, speed healing times, detoxify, and soothe sensitive skin with the Regenerating Gel Cleanser ($85) from Nazan Schnapp, Switzerland’s cult-favorite healing gemstone-infused skincare line that is now available stateside. Its soothing effects for the skin are coupled with the gem’s calming effect on the mind.


8. Improve radiance and soften fine lines with the help of skin-firming diamonds in this Gemology Cosmetics Hematite and Diamond Youth Serum ($239). The stones, which are used in anti-aging serums, combat the signs of wear and tear on the skin while leaving behind lingering brilliance.

(Featured photo via Nazan Schnapp)

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