We live in a world of refined sugar, synthetic clothing and faux everything. So it’s imperative that we take a step back and get in touch with our roots: get lost in nature, eat something un-processed and check out some gorgeous pieces of jewelry made with natural gemstones and crystals. Whether you’re looking for a simple accent or a big statement piece, look no further than these au naturale gemstones to take your collection to a more refined place.

1. Stratosphere Necklace ($90): Featuring an adjustable sterling silver chain, bronze accents and iridescent gray quartz, the Stratosphere necklace truly is out of this world.

2. Bundle of Stones Cuff ($78): It’s what you’ve always been looking for — a delicate American-made brass cuff with a variety of colored tourmaline and pyrite stones.

3. Geometric Prism ($110): Entirely handmade, these brass cage pendants hold either rough citrine or amethyst quartz.

4. Crystal Stud Earrings ($48): Lightweight and easy to wear, the quartz stones for these semi-precious studs have been hand picked, meaning no two are exactly alike.

5. Amethyst and Pyrite Volantis Ring ($470): Truly a statement piece with a hefty chunk of pyrite and sparkling amethyst, the ring has a slanted band which makes it comfortable to wear.

6. Recycled Gold Stacking Ring ($240): We are loving the rustic feel of the hammered gold bands and pretty colors of the faceted, semi-precious stones.

7. Double Finger Crystal Ring ($425): Spanning two fingers, this bronze ring shows off a sparkling mini mountain range of white quartz crystals.

8. Amethyst Spike Gold Ring: A little goth and a little feminine, the tiny amethyst crystals on this ring really make a statement without being too in-your-face.

9. Triple Crystal Ring ($130): Good things comes in… triplets? Especially when it comes to sparkly quartz crystals.

10. Helix Silver And Quartz Ring ($500): Reminiscent of medieval times, this rugged silver helix band holds a facet-cut rectangular clear quartz stone.

11. Turquoise Dagger Cut Bracelet ($56): Why choose just one when you can stack an extremely unique arm party?

12. Mini Quartz Pendant ($28): Available in purple amethyst or clear quartz, wearing this long pendant will bring you good energy all day long.

13. Ombre Birthstone Necklace ($65): Sporting a whole row of rough cut sapphires, from deep indigo to the palest blue this delicate necklace is perfect for those summer evenings.

14. Raio Turquoise Posts ($34): The gold claw really sets off the turquoise perfectly and each stone is unique but all compliment each other.

15. Agate Graduated Stone Necklace ($88): Ready for some major wow factor? Then try rocking this unique rough-cut agate bib necklace.

16. Geode Slice Pendant ($40): Unique and beautiful, each of these geode slices has a swirly caramel color and teeny tiny crystals.

17. Rough Crystal Ring ($160): Rustic and rugged, this antiqued gold ring has a Game of Thrones vibe that we are really digging.

18. Kyanite Arc Earrings ($38): Handmade with kyanite stone, these earrings have a distinctly industrial look and the light blue stones have us craving bright summer skies.

19. Pyrite Drop Earrings ($30): Ever so delicate, tiny pyrite stones dangle at the end of three-inch long gold chains.

20. Raw Aquamarine and Citrine Copper Ring ($65): We’re always a fan of rose gold, and the copper band really is the perfect accent for the pastel colors of these rough stones.

Do any of these pieces inspire you to get in touch with nature? Let us know in the comments below!