Nothing says holiday cheer like a crackling fireplace lined with stockings and holiday decor. But when fireplaces are few and far between, there’s always the digital yule log. This year, opt for something a little more quirky — these yule log videos are perfect for zoning out on holiday break or showcasing at your annual holiday sweater bash.

1. Lil Bub’s Magical Summertime Yule Log: Not everyone is down with ice and snow during the holiday season. And if anyone will have you wishing for warmer weather in December, it’s Lil Bub. (via Lil Bub)

2. The Holiday Yule Log: Cue the holiday warm fuzzies — you can almost smell the fireplace and warm cider coming from this video. (via Hallmark Channel)

3. Lego Yule Log: To any kid who has ever received Legos from Santa — this one’s for you. (via Syko Yoda)

4. Nick Offerman’s Yule Log: Now that Parks & Rec is over (sniff, sniff), sipping scotch with Ron Swanson himself is every fan’s dream come true. (via My Tales of Whisky Official)

5. Yarny’s Yule Log: This little guy is bringing his A+ holiday game to this video — so cute! (via Unravel Game)

6. How to Cook with Marcus & Alfie: These two will have you cooking up your next holiday tradition in no time. (via Marcus Butler)

7. Lil Bub’s Magical Yule Log: This magical creature is back to spread ultimate holiday cheer to the masses. Repeat after us: Best yule log video ever. (via Lil Bub)

8. Lego Yule Log: Get ready for a walk down memory lane with this holiday spin on your favorite childhood building blocks. If only real fireplaces were this awesome. (via Kooberz)

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