Deciding on your color scheme is a big decision while planning a wedding. No matter how big or small the detail, though, there is no need to stress yourself out! Fun colors and flowers, after all, are supposed to make everyone smile. If you’re on the hunt for your own floral palette, the moody flowers below are a few shades darker than the pastels and neutrals so many brides are drawn to. Winter weddings are perfect for experimenting with these dark blues, rich purples and, of course, gorgeous reds. Floral arrangements finished with deeper colors like this will add just a touch of drama (the good kind!) and wow your guests. Scroll on for 14 breathtaking examples that prove going dark is probably the next big trend.


1. Floral Winter Wedding: The hero feature here is the dark red sprigs along the outer edge of this floral stunner. The color palette is unexpected but would fit in perfectly for any boho nuptials. (via Amy Breeze / Wedding Ideas)


2. Vintage 1920s Christmas Wedding: The beauty really is in the details. Small touches like this brass candlestick holder turned vase are what pull a wedding together and turn simple decorations into the reception you’ve been dreaming of. (via Simply Lace Photo / Elegant Wedding)


3. A Dark Bouquet: This bouquet is a little tighter, more neat and with less of the green we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. But it still showcases how fantastic a dark floral palette can be. Including a fun color, like the pop of orange, creates a great contrast. (via Ken Kienow / Style Me Pretty)


4. Inspiring Bouquet: The lighting of this photo helps to accentuate the sultry vibe the bouquet is already giving off. The reds, dark pinks and even the touch of white make for a very pretty bundle of fresh flowers. (photo via DSB Creative / I Take You)


5. Modern Boho Glam: More and more brides are going with a boho theme, which creates a perfect opportunity to do something out of the box like this. How gorgeous is this copper pitcher that doubles as a vase? (via Lauren Love / Wedding Chicks)


6. Deep and Luxurious: This bride took her dark color palette to the next level with black candles and dark glassware and plates. The horn doubling as a candlestick holder is also a super adorable touch for any music lover. (via Cat Meyer / Wedding Chicks)


7. Draping Greenery: The dark color in this bouquet isn’t meant to be the standout.. or is it? Either way, it still leaves a lasting impression. If you’re looking for a show-stopping bouquet, large flowers and draping greens are definitely the way to go. (via Alex Lasota / Ruffled)


8. Country Boho: There’s no denying that antlers have been trending in a major way for the last year or so. Pair ’em with some dark florals on your big day, and boom! Instant boho wedding style. (via Emma Nayler / Polka Dot Bride)


9. Variety of Textures: Just check out those show-stopping thistles! The violet color is beautiful and looks great surrounding the red roses. These days, it’s all about mixing and matching not only colors, but textures too. (via Caleb John Hill / Mon Cheri)


10. Figs, Garnets & Gold: The dark floral accent in this arch is b-e-a-utiful. It’s like the thread that’s pulling together this entire color scheme. Plus, the fact that it’s all on a flower arch is super on-trend. (photo via Eric Ronald / Chic Vintage Brides)


11. Winter Vintage Glam: This bride has gone above and beyond to tie together her dark color palette (and did an incredible job using flowers as decor). They’re in her bouquet, on the chairs and in centerpieces, and super creatively hung to create a grand garland feature wall. (via Dina Chmut / Strictly Weddings)


12. Floral Crown: This bride completely and 100 percent knocked it out of the park with her flower crown. It matches perfectly with her bouquet and the style of her dress. Ladies, take note of this one for your winter (or fall) wedding. (via Leo Farrell / Hello May)


13. Pine Needle and Red Floral: Here’s the perfect example of deep colors paired with a winter wedding. Not sure how to get the look? Substitute pine needles and little berries instead of the usual leafy greenery used in most summer weddings. (via Brooke Bakken / Elizabeth Anne Designs)


14. Naked Cake With Dark Floral: Your cake is the perfect place to sneak in some dark colors. Naked cakes can make a fabulous centerpiece as-is, but for an extra splash of glamour, we say the more flowers, the better. (via Holly Kringer / Junebug Weddings)

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